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Seniors prepare for final walk

It seems like only yesterday we welcomed students into the building for the first day of school. And yet, here we are in our last grading period of the 2012-2013 year and winding down toward graduation. I look at this graduating class with particular fondness. My youngest will receive his diploma along with so many of the friends he grew up with. All graduations are bittersweet, but this more than others.
But there’s a lot to do during this last semester of high school. Seniors, are you ready? The list of things to do is long and hopefully you and your family have been busy making sure the list is complete.
First, have you completed your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)? This is how you get the financial aid necessary to continue your education. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on college or technical school – you must file the FAFSA.
If your family has not yet filed income taxes, you can submit an estimate for now. The FAFSA is intimidating for a lot of people, but don’t let it scare you. Call the school and set up an appointment with Ms. Pyano. She is at the school every Tuesday and Thursday and she is there to help.
Now, have you applied to college or technical school? The best scholarships often go to the early birds. By now, you should have applied to several places so you can receive a financial aid package from each. That will allow you to see which schools are giving you the most in scholarships, grants, and work study.
Higher education can be expensive so you will want to choose a school that will ease that burden. If you haven’t started applying, start today.
How are those Capstone hours coming along? The deadline for submitting Capstone hours will be mid-April. There has to be time for school personnel to check hours for the entire graduating class and that takes time. With only four weeks left, you should be either finished or very nearly there.
Don’t wait. 100 hours of Capstone credit is a graduation requirement. Don’t let neglecting those hours keep you out of the graduation line.
Of course those grades are fine – right? This is the time senioritis can hit and grades may start to slip. Have you turned in that research paper? How about that art project? You are dressing out for P.E. every day, aren’t you? Don’t let the senioritis bug hit you.
It’s not just your GPA that’s at stake. Your credits are important, too. If you have a concern, see Ms. Lockner in Guidance right away.
The other things are minor – graduation announcements, cap and gown, tickets to prom, senior year yearbook ordered. But don’t neglect those things either. Those are the icing on your cake. You’ve worked for it all so be sure to take care of your memories.
May 20th is just around the corner. There’s a lot to do before then, but hopefully you have everything under control. And if there are a few gaps? Don’t panic. Get on the ball and fill in those details right away. If you need help, see any of us in the office. We’re proud of you and want your last few weeks to be the best.