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Scaring up ghost stories

When I saw the email closing,
“Very truly and hauntingly
yours…,” I knew I was on
the right track!
As these fi ne fall days alert
us to the upcoming Halloween
31st to be
exact—our thoughts turn to
things that go bump in the
night. A call to Appalachian
GhostWalks was in order.
That’s right, Appalachian
GhostWalks—it’s right there in
the local telephone directory,
(that’s WALK on the
telephone dial, if you need
help remembering). How cool
is that!
Michael Combs, assistant
director, of the organization,
agreed to an interview; and,
we were off.
Noting that he grew up in a
haunted house in Southwest
Virginia, Combs said that
he was always interested in
things paranormal, which he
defi nes as, “cannot be easily
explained in the real world.”
His parents never talked
about any experiences with
ghosts in the house until he
was older and started talking
to them about what he had experienced.
“…Then they told
me about what they and my
siblings had experienced,” he
said, adding that he mentions
a few of his own experiences,
when someone on a tour asks
if he has ever seen a ghost.

For the remainder of this article please see the October 1, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.