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Reader shares knitting pattern of favorite Christmas booties

­­Each week I ask (lately I feel it’s more like begging) for readers to submit craft ideas, patterns, stories about crafting, etc. Well, get your calendar and mark the date, because I have my first submission!!!
I would like to personally thank Mrs. Libby Hatcher for contacting me, sharing this pattern with me to feature in Capricious Crafts, and for stopping by to let me take a photo of the finished product! I truly appreciate you taking the time for me (and the readers).
Without further ado, here is what Mrs. Hatcher would like to share:
“Back in the early ‘60s when I started knitting my grandmother was still alive and in reasonably good health. For Christmas that year I made her a pair of knitted house shoes. The pattern called for an optional ribbon or crocheted chain to weave through the top around the ankle so they would stay on a little better. She loved them because she could tie them and they stayed on all night. Needless to say she got a new pair of ‘booties’ every year after that.”
Whether you are a beginner or experienced knitter, who would like a diversion from more difficult projects, this is for you.

“Mamaw” Booties
Submitted by
Libby Hatcher

1 3.5 ounce skein Knitted Worsted yarn (# 4 weight)
1 pair knitting needles size 8
1 large needle for sewing seams
GAUGE: 5 stitches = l inch
SLIPPERS: (Make 2)
Using # 8 needles, cast on 46 stitches
Row 1: K across row
Row 2: K 16, P 14, K 16
Repeat row I & 2 until stockinette section (middle section) measures 6 inches

Bind of 7 stitches at beg of next 2 rows as follows:
Bind off 7 stitches, work in established pattern across row. Turn.
Bind off 7 stitches, work in established pattern across row.
Keeping in pattern, work until stockinette section is 7 l/2 inches, or desired length, from beginning.

*K 2, P 2*. REPEAT BETWEEN *s for 2 inches
Cut yarn leaving 20 inch length for sewing.

Using sewing needle, draw yarn through each stitch on needle and draw up stitches together. Go through the stitches again for reinforcing. Fold slipper length wise with right sides together, and continue to sew edges together by overcasting stitches along ribbed edges, garter stitch area and bound off stitches on front. Fasten off.

Beginning at top edge, overcast edges of heel together yarn to stockinette section. Picking one thread of each stitch on edge of stockinette section, pull into a circle and fasten well, Weave in ends.
Trim with pom poms, cord, ribbon, tassels etc.