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Officer Norway’s Corner – UCHS wins highway safety award

By SRO Kjell Michelsen

On May 28, I was notified that our high school was the winner in Tennessee Highway Safety’s Office Reduce Tennessee Crashes program for the second year in a row. Out of 213 registered high schools in Tennessee, our school was number one in safety-related traffic programs focused on making our teen drivers as safe as possible.

This program has been one of my core activities while working at the high school. We had planned a mock-crash event for our seniors in April, which we sadly had to cancel due to school being out. Hopefully, we will come back stronger and better next school year.

I am already planning to order adult size pedal carts from a company called “Drunk Busters of America.” Using those pedal carts with various goggles made to mimic vision and reaction time when driving under the influence. I hope that with these we can, in a fun and informative way, show students the dangers of driving impaired.

Right now, we don’t have a driver’s education program at our school. My hope is that we, in the future once again, can re-instate such a program. It’s crucial for all our aspiring new drivers to be able in as a safe environment as possible to learn safe and proper driving skills. Budgeting and resources for such a program will be the issue here, especially during these hard economic times we are going through. Still, we all strive to look ahead and plan for better times to come.

School is scheduled to be back in session on Aug. 10. I am praying and hoping that it will happen. It’s so important to get our kids (and their families) back on a somewhat regular schedule. I would be amiss if I did not admit that yours truly is looking forward to that too. Some of our school athletic programs have started or are planning to start up again soon. Other programs, like football and basketball, are a little uncertain? But, I am hoping that those too somehow will be able to start practice in one way or another. It’s vital for our school and community.

Until next time, be safe, have faith, and pray for better times ahead.