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Officer Norway’s Corner – Now is a season of giving

By SRO Kjell Michelsen

Hard to believe we are only a couple of weeks away from Christmas. Where’s the time been going? Last weekend boxes with Christmas decorations were carried up from the basement, and the yearly ritual with all these strings of lights commenced. The ones we purchased last year, like a predictable Christmas struggle, they always seem to have a section not working. And thus, the search for the broken or missing bulb starts. The end result usually goes like this: “Frustration, indignation, followed with a few select Norwegian #@&*! words and yet another trip to Walmart for more lights.”

When I can, I like to spread some Norwegian culture and history. A while back, I decided to create a “Taste of Norway” event at the high school. Students during lunch this coming Monday will have the opportunity to try Norwegian waffles with brown cheese, or cloudberry and lingonberry jam. They will also have a chance to sample Norwegian pepper cookies, small pork sausages called “Sosisser,” and Norwegian fish balls in curry sauce. If nothing else, our students will be “well versed” in some Norwegian foods, better than any other high school students in this area.

At school, we are staying busy. Students are once again in their testing phase of the school year. Clubs are working with various activities leading up to Christmas, and this also goes for our SADD club. Earlier this year, a Norwegian business owner donated 17 pairs of heavy-duty Moreno wool slippers to our club. She was ending her business here in the U.S. and moving back to Norway. But, because of the customs charges that would have been on these slippers, she decided to donate them to a worthwhile cause, and our SADD club was lucky enough to get them all.

So on Saturday, Dec. 21, starting at 10 a.m. at the Erwin Apparel store across from the post office, the SADD club will host “The Great Erwin Slipper Giveaway!” Granted, we only have 17 of these slippers, and yes, (sadly) they only range in sizes from 45 to 48. Still, they are well made; they are warm and comes with three pairs of good quality socks. Best of all, while they last, they are entirely free. We only have one request – that the recipient is one of our senior citizens who could benefit from owning a pair of these slippers to keep their feet warm this winter, that’s all.

Until next time, have fun, be safe, and stay warm.