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Officer Norway’s Corner – Fall calendar beginning to fill up

By SRO Kjell Michelsen

We are four weeks into our school year. Last week our school’s safety awareness week was held. We had some excellent training, both our fairly regular fire, evacuation drills, and shelter-in-place drills, but also active intruder and shooter drills.

These yearly drills are made to make both the students, the faculty, and maybe most importantly, the first responders a little better in what we do. They also help highlight issues and procedures where we can do better.

Earlier this year I was invited to give a speech to the yearly Tennessee Lifesavers Conference that’s getting started today at a convention center in Murfreesboro. My lecture will highlight our efforts at our high school in utilizing and implementing the Reduce Tennessee Crashes program. These programs have allowed me using various activities made available through their traffic safety portal online to promote and inform on a range of teen driver safety issues.

We also recently held our first SADD club meeting of the school year. We have a great group of students who are willing and able to be positive peer role models in our school and community. We also signed up a few new freshmen for the club, which is great since we need new and excited members to fill in for the seniors when they graduate. We have several important events lined up this fall school season. Starting on Sept. 10, which is World Suicide Prevention Day, and in October, we will kick off the national Teen Driver Safety Week.

Another exciting project we have in the pipeline for this fall is a SADD club sponsored giveaway. Close to 20 indoor felt slippers were donated to the club by a business owner from Norway. These thick warm slippers were hand made by craftsmen in Mongolia using merino wool and genuine leather. They are made based on Norwegian design and Scandinavian wool traditions. Our goal is to give these away with warm socks and other fall and winter necessities to a few of our elderly, especially those living by themselves.

Until next time, be safe, have fun, and if you know of someone in need, try to help.