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Officer Norway’s Corner – Be safe and try to stay positive

Today is April Fools day. Oh, would it not be nice if all of us were told that what we are experiencing was just a “big fat joke or a bad dream?” It’s hard to put into words what we collectively are going through. The many changes in our daily lives in such a short time can be hard for most folks to grasp. But here we are, all of us in it together.

In all the upheavals of our daily lives, the ones who all the sudden are without a job, or have had their income or hours drastically reduced. I am proud of the many ways our community has shown an outpouring of love and help in a time of need and uncertainty. Several of our high school students, shortly after our schools closed, decided to roll up their collective sleeves. They created a site where people could register for help with groceries and other things.

Our sheriff decided early on to make sure that especially the elderly who are in a high-risk group for the coronavirus would be taken care of. They can call the Sheriff’s Department, and someone will make sure they will get what they need. Many of our churches who had to cancel their regular services made them either available online or organized drive-in services. Some have also started a little cottage industry making facemasks for our many healthcare workers who need them. These are genuinely all great initiatives to lessen the worry and to keep our community together.

We learned last week that the schools will be out until April 24, and I think we all have to be prepared for that school indeed could be out for the rest of the academic year. This will have a considerable impact on all students and their families alike, one group, in particular, is impacted, even more, our senior class.

April and May are milestones months for our seniors. It marks the end of a 12-year journey. They include longheld and cherished traditions like the senior prom, the senior lunch, college signing day, and more. They also include being able to walk the stage with family and friends present to receive their diploma. All this right now is a big question mark. At least as we have known them to be from previous years. Let’s pray I am wrong.

A few senior students I have talked to are both worried and uncertain of what will happen. I don’t have any right answers to give them, other than to have hope “that something will be arranged for them in due time.” But one thing I am sure of is the fact that they will have something in common with the global graduating class of 2020. There will be a common bond between them forever as a result of this pandemic.

Albert Schweitzer, a theologian and philosopher, once said, “One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.”

Until next time, be safe, try to be positive and at this point, we all should wear a mask when out in public. “Flatten the curve!”