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My engine isn’t idling quite right

Cough, cough! Sputter, sputter! It happened again. I got my John Deere riding mower out to do my twice a week mowing and it rebelled. I’m not surprised. What was I thinking when I scattered 200 pounds of Scott’s Turf Builder Plus on my lawn a few months back?
The mower did this to me at the end of last season. It started fine, sounded fine when I engaged the blade and then imitated an old jalopy when I applied the pedal to move forward. I will get down and dirty with the best of them when it comes to yard work. I don’t mind the mess or the workout. However, I don’t have a clue when it comes to motors. Needless to say, my mower is now in the shop.
It occurred to me how quick I am to get to most things that need my attention. Maybe part of that is due to running a weekly newspaper and having regular deadlines. If something goes wrong with my car or at home, I am not at ease until I get it taken care of. I am there for church needs, club needs, needs of friends and employees.
So, as I stood looking at myself in the bathroom mirror the other night, I asked myself why the same is not true of my personal health and well being. How many times do I stop to do a physical check of my weight or slow down and examine my mental and spiritual status.
I wish there were check engine lights or computer systems that I could plug myself into and run a check. I think sometimes I would be shocked by the read out. The wear and tear and lack of maintenance would not be acceptable on any man made item. Thankfully God makes our bodies amazing to take all that we sometimes put them through.
The next morning after my great revelation and coming to terms with myself, I turned on the TV during breakfast. This is my regular routine. I sit at the snack bar in my kitchen, which focuses straight ahead to one of three TVs in the house.

For the remainder of this article please see the June 18, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.