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Movie Night – Some TV shows offering interest worth watching (May 13, 2015 issue)

In the wake of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which will certainly be the highest grossing movie of the year, this week I’m focusing on the small screen, with three TV shows that are worth your time from the comfort of home. All four programs are available OnDemand where you can watch an entire season in one day or take your time and watch them at your leisure.
“The Following” – Imagine the movie “Seven” as a television show and the result will be “The Following.” Now in its third and final season, the Fox drama chronicles the career of FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) as he hunts serial killers. Much of Hardy’s time is devoted to Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), the murderer who brought Hardy fame and made him a household name, as well as a target for other psychopaths.
The title of “The Following” refers to a group of people who blindly follow Joe Carroll no matter how outrageous or gruesome the task. The identity and number of these followers are unknown. Even while Carroll is locked away in a maximum security prison the followers continue to do his bidding. The second and third seasons offer a myriad of killers that Hardy and the FBI must stop.
“The Following” is dark and demented and extremely entertaining. It’s not for the squeamish, but fans of the serial killer genre of movies will love “The Following.”
“Dig” – Religious fanatics bent on bringing about the end of the world, a troubled hero, an enigmatic victim, and a secret plot thousands of years in the making, “Dig” has it all. Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs) is an FBI agent stationed in the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem. Connelly took the post in Jerusalem after the death of his daughter and the resulting disintegration of his marriage.
Shortly after assuming the post Connelly meets Emma Wilson (Alison Sudol), a young woman who resembles his deceased daughter. The next day Wilson is found murdered and Connelly will stop at nothing to find her killer. What he didn’t expect was to find himself in the middle of a plot by religious zealots to raise Solomon’s Temple again and bring about Armageddon. Connelly teams up with Golan Cohen (Ori Pfeffer), an Israeli detective, and Lynn Monahan (Anne Heche), the head of security for the U.S. Consulate to stop the end of the world.
The plot is difficult to follow at first, but with each episode more is revealed. Each episode contains at least one surprise that makes you reexamine what you really know about each of the characters and who Connelly can trust. The 10-part drama/mystery can be found on USA Network.
“Secrets and Lies” – Another series that just wrapped up its first (and only?) season is the ABC drama “Secrets and Lies.” A family man, Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillipe), lives in what appears to be an idyllic neighborhood with his wife and two daughters. He’s living what appears to be the quintessential American dream, nice house, good job, pretty wife, and two wonderful daughters. Behind this façade is a network of secrets and lies.
Ben’s life is turned upside down when he finds the body of a young boy who lives across the street early one morning as he is jogging through the woods near his home. Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) immediately focuses her attention on Ben and refuses to consider any other suspect. For his part, Ben makes it easy on Cornell with a series of monumentally stupid decisions that makes everyone think Ben is guilty.
Each episode finds Ben focusing on a different suspect that he believes could be the killer while Cornell tightens the noose around him. “Secrets and Lies” is a good mystery that only deepens with each episode and can be found OnDemand through ABC.