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Movie Night – ‘Deadpool 2’ funnier than original with more action

By Bradley Griffith

Deadpool is supposed to be the cool superhero. He’s supposed to be the funniest guy around, the guy who everybody loves because, even though he’s raunchy and vulgar, his heart is still in the right place. For the most part, that’s all true of “Deadpool 2.”

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), is taking out the scum of society that no one else can or wants to deal with. By taking out I mean that he is killing them in the most graphic and imaginative ways possible. Wade takes a world tour, killing bad guys no matter their race or nationality. Deadpool does not discriminate.

Deadpool also has no second thoughts or regrets, he knows that the criminals deserve everything they are getting. Then the one lowlife that Deadpool left alive decides to visit him in the home he shares with his girlfriend, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Deadpool cannot be killed due to a super formula he was given in the first movie that also deformed his body. The same cannot be said for those he loves.

Wade becomes distraught to the point that he tries to kill himself. When that doesn’t work he is taken to the X-Men mansion by Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) where Wade becomes an X-Men trainee. Through his work with the X-Men, Wade meets a young mutant by the name of Russell Collins, aka Firefist (Julian Dennison). Russell is a powerful mutant who has been abused at a home for mutant children.

At the same time cybernetic soldier Cable (Josh Brolin) returns to 2018 from the future with one mission: kill Russell. That means Wade has one mission: stop Cable from killing Russell.  Wade forms his own superhero team made up of Domino (Zazie Beetz), Bedlam (Terry Crews), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgard), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Vanisher (?), and Peter (Rob Delaney). Together the X-Force must stop Cable and rescue Russell from himself before he does something he can’t take back.

“Deadpool 2” is funny and irreverent like the original movie. The movie takes no prisoners and pulls no punches. Everyone is fair game to be ridiculed and mocked, with no exceptions. The fact that the movie makes fun of everyone means that no one can be offended by the harmless jokes that come on a constant basis. The jokes are thrown at you in such a frenzy that you will have to watch the movie more than once to catch all the jokes.

The sequel is like the original in many ways. It has the same brand of humor that made the first movie a hit. It has the same terrible language that is constantly peppered throughout the entire movie from beginning to end. The sequel has the same graphic violence as the original, except it’s turned up a notch this time.

While “Deadpool 2” is a lot like the original, it’s also different in many positive ways. It’s not quite as graphic or vulgar as the first movie. This movie is more of a superhero movie than the first. There are more mutants and supervillains with more superhero action. The fight scenes were very well done and rival anything in any other superhero movie other than “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Wade isn’t just bent on revenge like he was in the first movie. He might call family an f-word, but he is determined to save Russell no matter what it takes, and he needs his friends to help him. In short, Deadpool is more altruistic than before. He cares about something other than himself.

“Deadpool 2” is the rare sequel that is better than the original. It’s funnier, with better action, and the movie actually has a heart this time. FYI, make sure you hang around for the mid-credits scenes.

• • •

Grade: A-

Rated R for strong violence and language throughout, sexual references, and brief drug material.