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Library Happenings – Series gets penultimate book

By Angie Georgeff

Now that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 has passed into history, you might want to tuck away your used eclipse glasses in a scrapbook as a keepsake. On the other hand, you can donate them to help kids in Asia and South America watch eclipses in 2019. Since the solar specs you used are most likely good until 2020, donating them to nonprofit Astronomers Without Borders will give them a chance to be useful one more time. The next eclipse visible in the United States will occur in 2024, so there’s no need to hold onto them for our next opportunity.  AWB has not yet announced an address where the glasses may be sent, so you can keep an eye on their website at or return them to the library for recycling.

Jane Austen Film Festival

Our “August Is for Austen” Jane Austen Film Festival will end the month with a big Bollywood bang. The appeal of Austen’s novels spans the globe, and India is certainly no exception. Join us at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 31, for a movie that will have you laughing and itching to sing and dance. I recently watched – and enjoyed – a Tamil-language version of another Jane Austen novel, but this movie is strictly in English, so there will be no language barrier. We will provide the popcorn and you may bring a bottle of water or your favorite soft drink to wash it down, so come on down and bring a friend.

Spotlight Book

Sue Grafton’s alphabet series has reached its penultimate book with “Y Is for Yesterday.” PI Kinsey Millhone is called in to investigate a 10-year-old scandal at a private school. Iris Lehmann, a freshman whose father teaches at the school, steals test answers for the benefit of her popular friend Poppy Earl and Poppy’s boyfriend Troy. The cheating is exposed by an unidentified informer and Sloan Stevens, who is blamed for the disclosure, is shot and killed at a wild party celebrating the end of the school year.

Sloan’s killer Fritz McCabe is released from juvenile detention 10 years later. As far as the state of California is concerned, he is free to resume his life. However, a videotape showing Fritz and Troy assaulting a drunken Iris has surfaced and a blackmailer demands $25,000 from Fritz’s parents to quash the evidence. The McCabes then turn to Kinsey for help.

While theft, cheating, murder and extortion should be a piece of cake for Kinsey, she also has to deal with the threat posed by mass murderer Ned Lowe, who is determined to add her to his long list of victims. So, Z Is for…? Any guesses?