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Library Happenings – Senior Services Train delivers books, other items

By Angie Georgeff

If you have read some – but not all – of Jane Austen’s novels, this week’s movie may introduce you to one that is not familiar. And even if you have read the novel, you may not remember some of the details that color this version. While this adaptation is set in Regency England, it definitely has a more modern social conscience. Our heroine, too, is more assertive in this film than she appears on the printed page.

The true Janeite probably knows the title already or at least has the possibilities narrowed down to two. Whether or not you are “clueless” (red herring!), we invite you and your friends to join us for popcorn and a movie on Thursday, Aug. 24. The movie will start about 6 p.m. and last for approximately two hours. And please feel free to bring a bottle of water or your favorite soft drink to enjoy with your popcorn. Regency costume, of course, is optional (but might be fun!).

Senior Services

Did you know that we take books to homebound seniors and nursing home residents? Our Library Senior Services Train (LSST) delivers books, magazines, and audiobooks to senior citizens free of charge. LSST deliveries are made every two to three weeks, so DVDs and other library materials that check out for a period shorter than two weeks are excluded. These outreach accounts do not incur any fines for overdue books or lost materials, so they are a convenient and stress-free way for seniors to keep reading and learning. For information or to register for the program, call the library at 743-6533 and ask for Connie.

Spotlight Book

The latest romantic suspense novel from bestseller Sandra Brown is “Seeing Red.” In 1992, the Pegasus Hotel in Dallas was bombed, killing 197 people. Major Franklin Trapper was proclaimed an American hero when he led the few survivors to safety. He was available to the media for years, but now he has dropped out of sight and television journalist Kerra Bailey is pursuing an exclusive interview. Former ATF agent John Trapper, the Major’s estranged son, wants nothing to do with his father or Kerra, but he is intrigued when Kerra insinuates that she may have information about the unsolved crime.

Kerra secures an interview, but when she arrives at Franklin Trapper’s home she discovers that he has been fatally shot. His killers then set their sights on her and she manages to elude them by the skin of her teeth. Kerra and John Trapper then join law enforcement in the search for the killers. As you might imagine, danger and romance ensue.