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Library Happenings – Preschool story time to be held during September

By Angie Georgeff

Studies have shown that reading to young children stimulates development in a number of regions in the left hemisphere of the brain. Since these areas are involved in memory and in understanding the meaning of concepts and language, they are critical to early literacy.

My mother read to me from the time I was an infant and I’ve happily passed on the gift to my son and grandchildren. It may be important, but it’s also fun for both the child and adult!

Since we firmly believe in the importance of books and reading, we are offering a preschool story time at 10:30 a.m. every Wednesday during September. Bring your little ones for stories and activities that will help them acquire the basic skills they need in order to read. The program will last for about an hour, so you’ll be home for lunch and naptime.

Youth Activities

Mark your calendars now! If you want to build it, then you should come. Lego Club will meet at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 11. Children of all ages are welcome.

American Girl Club is based on the American Girl dolls and books. Participants aged seven and up learn about American history and the varied cultures that have made contributions to our nation’s “salad bowl.” This group will meet at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 18. For further information about our story times and other youth activities, please call the library at 743-6533.

Spotlight Book

Just imagine where that story time might lead! Danielle Steel’s latest novel begins with a love of reading that eventually progresses to a career in writing. Alexandra Winslow was abandoned by her mother when she was only seven years old. Her father, however, compensated for that lack by lavishing his young daughter with attention. Father and daughter shared a keen interest in crime fiction, and Alex soon manifested a talent for writing. Her father encouraged her pursuits, but he died when she was fourteen. Alex was left with some money but no living relatives, so her father’s attorney persuades his wife’s cousin to take her in.

MaryMeg, aka Mother Mary Margaret, is the mother superior of a Dominican convent in Boston.  Soon the orphaned girl has twenty-six sisters as foster mothers. They nurture Alex’s talents and she completes her first novel while still in college. Her father had always insisted that men only read thrillers written by male authors, so Alex publishes her novel under the nom de plume Alexander Green. The double life she leads proves to be a burden to Alex, in spite of the success it brings her, but it never seems to be quite “The Right Time” to reveal the truth.