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Library Happenings – Order sent for large print books and audio

By Angie Georgeff

The large print books that arrive each month through our standing order plans are very popular, but we realize Christian fiction, westerns and cozy mysteries do not satisfy every appetite for large print books. That is why we concentrate on other genres when we place our December large print orders. Thrillers, romances, historical fiction and nonfiction all have their fans.

We just sent in one of the two orders that we usually place this time of year and another will follow it by the end of the month. We also are working on a large (at least for us) order for audiobooks. If you have any special requests for large print books or audiobooks, please let us know as soon as possible. The deadline is looming and we greatly value your input!

In the order that has already been placed, I included the large print editions of the two novels published this year that I have enjoyed most. The first runner-up is Eowyn Ivey’s “To the Bright Edge of the World.” It is 1885 and newlyweds Allen and Sophie Forrester have moved from Boston to Vancouver Barracks in the remote, rambunctious Washington Territory.

Lieutenant Colonel Forrester is chosen to lead an expedition into the heart of the inconceivably vast Alaska Territory. Bitter weather, impenetrable terrain and native tribes with a reputation for cannibalism stand fast between the men and their objective. Meanwhile, Sophie remains at Vancouver Barracks chafing under the restrictions imposed by her pregnancy and the army’s expectations of an officer’s wife. Her interests lie in ornithology and photography rather than in clothes and social functions. Sophie and Allen’s stories are told in journal entries and letters which they write knowing they may never reach their intended recipients.

I never had any great desire to visit Alaska until I read Ivey’s first novel “The Snow Child” and this, her second. Now I’d love to go, just not during the winter!

Thank you!

We want to thank the ladies of the Erwin Monday Club for putting up and decorating the Christmas tree in our lobby. With its red cardinals and poinsettias and its pine cones and cinnamon sticks, it is a treat for the senses. I hope you all will have an opportunity to come by and see it.

And while you’re here, take a few minutes to relax from the bustle of the holidays and color a new bookmark for the winter. We have a station set up with colored pencils and four new designs: Christmas trees and ornaments for the holidays and snowflakes and snowmen for the bleak midwinter.