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Library Happenings – New state based element added to list of favorites

By Angie Georgeff

Back in the olden days when I studied chemistry in high school, the periodic table of elements had 103 members. Now there are 118.  I have always been partial to atomic numbers 78, 79 and 47 [platinum, gold and silver], of course, but now I have to add atomic number 117 to that group.

Because a team of scientists from Vanderbilt University, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee were instrumental in its production, this new element will be named tennessine. It will be represented on the periodic table by the symbol Ts.

No longer will californium be the only element named for a U.S. state. Three other new elements will be named nihonium in honor of Japan, moscovian in recognition of Moscow and oganesson in homage to the Russian team leader Yuri Oganessian. I wonder what Mr. Bond will have to say about Tennessee’s new namesake element.

Friday Family Fun Day

Mr. Bond and the Science Guys will bring their “Spectacular Science Show” to Erwin’s Town Hall at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 17. The kids who attend our Summer Reading Programs know that Mr. Bond always makes something “explode,” so they love him.

Science is more fun when something goes “Bang!” and even more fun when you get to participate in the experiment! Mark your calendar now for our Family Fun Day event every Friday afternoon through July 15. You won’t want to miss them!

Spotlight Book

The “blood-spattered” dust jackets of “Mr. Mercedes” and “Finders Keepers” had me a bit apprehensive about the third volume of Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy. At first glance, the schooling blue fishes appear to be rather soothing, but then you notice streaks of something red that swirl through the water and a fluorescent fuchsia fish that glows ominously in the corner. A closer look at the blue fishes reveals their transparency.

All things considered, I’d rather face the rattlesnake on the cover of Stuart Woods’s new novel “Dishonorable Intentions,” and I’m not at all fond of snakes.  A seemingly natural danger – even one that is potentially deadly – is somehow less menacing than a supernatural threat.

King’s “End of Watch” finds Brady Hartsfield, the driver who used his car as a lethal weapon in “Mr. Mercedes,” in the Lakes Region Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic. After five years in the facility, his doctors hold out little hope for his recovery, but they are unaware that Brady is alert behind his mask of immobility.

Neither do they know that he has come into possession of deadly new powers that will enable him to reach far beyond the confines of his hospital room. Now Brady seeks revenge on Hodges and the entire city.