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Library Happenings – New books, DVDs, audios starting to arrive at library (April 22, 2015 issue)

Ah, spring! The sun is warm, flowers are blooming, birds are nesting and books are sprouting on the shelves at your library. The first of several new materials orders were placed early last week. That means new books, DVDs and audio books will be arriving over the next few weeks. The timing is great.
State funds became available at a time of year when lots of intriguing titles have recently been published. I was so taken with two of the new books I ordered for the library that I went shopping and purchased copies for my own collection at home.
If you have placed a request on our wish list, we will call you when it comes in and has been processed. Since we are restricted to using approved vendors and ordering only materials that are in stock, we may not be able to fulfill all your requests, but we will do our best.
If there is a new book, audio book or DVD coming out that you want us to purchase, be sure to let us know. Whenever we have funds available, we’ll try to get it for you. Your input is important to us. We want to have the books you want to read, the audio books you want to hear and the DVDs you want to see!
Spotlight Books
If Cinderella had been able to read Nora Roberts’s “The Liar,” she just might have hired a detective to investigate Prince Charming before she consented to live with him happily ever after. Shelby Foxworth is shocked when her husband drowns in the Atlantic Ocean; she is stunned when she learns that the man she married never even existed. The life of luxury she led with Richard in a Philadelphia suburb has left her deep in debt and with no assets beyond the cash she finds in his safe-deposit box along with a gun and multiple fake IDs.
Salvaging what she can from the wreck of her life, Shelby takes her three-year-old daughter and goes home to Tennessee. There she takes comfort in her family and friends and a budding romance with Griffin Lott, “a successful contractor with a cute Yankee accent.” So are her troubles behind her? My guess is no–at least, not yet.
Lisa Scottoline’s new thriller derives its title from a troubled young man who suffers from OCD. Seventeen-year-old Max repeats a ritual “Every Fifteen Minutes.” In addition to this compulsive behavior, his thoughts are obsessive, focusing on a young woman who is soon found dead. When Max promptly disappears, Dr. Eric Parrish, his psychiatrist, invokes doctor-patient privilege and goes himself in search of his young patient. This places the doctor under suspicion and jeopardizes his chance to gain custody of his daughter during a bitter divorce.
I know that some of you have been waiting for these two books to come out. Many more are available now at your library.