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Library Happenings – Library planning installation of new carpet week of Oct. 19 (Oct. 14, 2015 issue)

United Way of Unicoi County kicked off its 2015 campaign last week. The work they do to help organizations within the community and the wide-based support given them by the people, make you proud to be a citizen of Unicoi County. The library is one of the many agencies that benefits from United Way funding. Without it, we would not be able to maintain our current levels of service. Thank you, United Way!
Considering last year’s annual library attendance of 26,851, I presume that most of you have had a chance to notice the sad state of our carpeting. Well, that is about to change. With a generous grant from the United Way and the added assistance of some private donors, we plan to install new carpeting during the week of October 19.
This is a very exciting time. It will, however, require us to be closed for most, if not all, of that week. We regret this inconvenience, but we hope you’ll agree, once it is done, that it was well worth the disruption to service.
Since there will be a lot of books and furniture to move, we would welcome assistance from our patrons and the community. If you would like to help us, please call the library at 743-6533 for information.
Thank you!
We want to thank the young ladies and leaders of Junior Girl Scout Troop 227 for the autumn display they arranged in front of the library last week. Those pumpkins and gourds are a joyful celebration of this harvest season and I smile every time I see them. It is always a pleasure to have their troop visit the library. Thank you!
Spotlight Book
Since we moved to our new integrated library system in May, we have categorized each novel by genre as we catalog it. This helps patrons locate books they might want to read, especially those written by new authors. Established writers, especially the prolific ones, are generally known for one genre. Stephen King, for example, is justly famous for horror, James Patterson for thrillers, and Nora Roberts for romance.
John Sandford is known for his “Prey” novels, featuring Lucas Davenport, and his Virgil Flowers series. “Saturn Run,” by Sandford and Ctein, is something else entirely. With Ctein as his coauthor, Sandford’s newest novel has been classified as science fiction. Fifty years from now, a Caltech intern discovers an anomaly approaching Saturn. He knows it isn’t a celestial object because it is slowing as it nears the planet. Since its deceleration appears calculated to achieve orbit around Saturn, he concludes that it must be a spaceship—and one which did not originate on Earth.