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Library Happenings – Library looking forward to new books (Dec. 3, 2014 issue)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have passed, but the holiday sales are just getting started—even at your library. In order to allow our patrons to begin next year with a clean slate, we are having a half-price sale on fines during the month of December.
For this month only, one dollar will remove two dollars in fines. For those who are not able to use their cards because their fines exceed the limit, this will be a great time to put your account in order and start borrowing again.
As a further inducement, I will tell you that the Holston River Regional Library will start releasing funds to us this month. We may use them to buy books, DVDs and audiobooks, so expect “wonderful things” to reveal themselves on library shelves as the month progresses.
If that phrase conjures a vague memory, it may be because archaeologist Howard Carter used it to describe the exotic golden treasures he glimpsed by candlelight when he broke through the sealed door of Tutankhamun’s tomb. It mirrors the shiver of excitement we feel when we slice through the packing tape, pull out the packing list and start extracting books and DVDs from a book order.
The wonders in those cardboard boxes are just as precious to us as silver and gold. And like Tut’s treasure, they must be cataloged and processed before they are made available to the public. So please be patient: We “archaeologists” are digging just as fast as we can.
Thank you!
We have had a lot of help getting ready for the holidays. On Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the Erwin Monday Club helped us tidy up and then set up a tree for us. That afternoon, Junior Girl Scout Troop 227 came to decorate the tree and spangle our lobby with icicles and snowflakes.
The young ladies also partnered with the young men of Trail Life USA Troop 412 to erect the inspiring Christmas display in front of the library. Thank you so much for all your help! Be sure to come down to the library and enjoy their handiwork. If you’ve not yet caught the spirit of the season, we can help you find it.
Spotlight Book
Lisa Scottoline’s popular Rosato and Associates series continues with “Betrayed.” This time the spotlight falls on Judy Carrier. Her relationships with her boyfriend, her mother and her boss are fraught with drama—and now her Aunt Barb has been diagnosed with cancer.
To make matters worse, Barb’s beloved housekeeper has been found dead and Judy suspects it was not from natural causes. What could drag her deeper into the dumps? Her best friend Mary has just made partner–and she is planning her wedding. Even so, I fully expect Judy to prove her mettle.