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Library Happenings – Library lists holiday hours, reminds patrons of R.E.A.D (Dec. 23, 2015 issue)

The big day is almost here, and I know many of you are busy with baking, or wrapping or last-minute shopping. If you are among the people who are so organized that you only have to put the ham in the oven and set the table, you have my profound admiration and envy. I suppose you even have a good book or heart-warming holiday movie ready for tonight. If not, your library will be open until 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening.
Holiday Closing
It probably comes as no surprise, but the library will be closed for Christmas on Thursday and Friday, Dec. 24 and 25. We’ll be open our usual hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 26. No items will be due on the days when we are closed, but if you wish, you may return books to our drop boxes. There is one at the library in Erwin and another at Unicoi’s Town Hall. Please do not deposit DVDs in the book returns since they may be damaged if heavy books fall on them. We thank you for your help with this.
Tennessee R.E.A.D.S.
If you are giving an eReader, tablet, laptop or smartphone to a Tennessee resident this Christmas, please be sure to tell the recipient about Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. Our Regional eBook and Audiobook Download System gives anyone with a Tennessee public library card access to eBooks, audiobooks, streaming video, and now magazines. Many of our patrons love R.E.A.D.S., and more are discovering it all the time. Our circulation through R.E.A.D.S. went up twenty-four percent during last fiscal year.
While electronic books may be less expensive than print versions, the cost of buying can quickly add up. And audiobooks are even more pricy. It makes sense to borrow these materials from your library. You can borrow them from the comfort of your own home, or from your sister’s house in Georgia, or even from a deck chair on an ocean liner. What’s more, you may do it at 11:55 p.m. or 6:01 a.m. on any day of the week, whenever you are ready to read or listen. You just need an internet connection and your library card. Just imagine how convenient R.E.A.D.S. can be when you’re snowed in or home sick! These materials “return themselves” at the expiration of the loan term, so you’ll never owe a fine for an eBook.
You may click on the Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. link on our website or go to to get started. Look for the question mark icon at the top of the page to get help, which includes how-to videos and specific instructions for your device. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!