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Library Happenings – Holidays offer chance for reading (May 27, 2015 issue)

School’s out and we are gearing up for Summer Reading! Our regular Wednesday story times and Reading Buddies are on hiatus for the summer, but they will resume when school starts again. But let’s not think about school just yet.
With Memorial Day coming as early as possible and Labor Day falling as late as it can, Americans will be enjoying an especially long summer season this year. Even if the temperature and hours of daylight will not be affected, it gives our mood a boost to know we have 106 days of “summer” between the two holidays. And we deserve it after the long winter we endured!
How would you like to spend your summer? You can relax at the beach, meet the love of a lifetime, take a grand tour of Europe, ride the Western ranges or travel through time. You can do it all from the comfort of your front porch or sunroom and never dip into your savings. Here at your library we know some excellent “tour guides” and we’ll be happy to “book” your tour. All you need is a free library card.
I have just started a tour of Great Britain during the Dark Ages with Kazuo Ishiguro.We are going on a quest in search of “The Buried Giant.” According to the itinerary, I can expect to meet some fascinating people and several exotic creatures.I may even encounter a dragon if I am lucky—or unlucky. I’ll soon find out. I have been warned to expect misty weather, but I have always been partial to shrouded British moors, so I don’t mind.
Since it conceals hazards until the last minute, the mist might make the quest more of an adventure than I bargained for. I imagine that having an ogre, for example, loom out of the mist would get your heart pumping. You know, I think I just may go somewhere safe and sunny after this.
Our New “OPAC”
Where do you want to go? If you would like some suggestions, you may go to our online public access catalog at and watch the carousel slide show of recently added book titles. The default displays all the recently added titles in the entire consortium. If you would like to limit the carousel to only our library’s new books, click on the drop down menu and select Unicoi County. Most books we catalog will show up within an hour; others will appear the following day.
You also may see “The New York Times” and “USA Today” lists of best-selling fiction and non-fiction. Click on “Find In My Library” to get more information about any of the featured titles.
If you would like to place a hold, give us a call at 743-6533 and we’ll be happy to help you. Or you may place a hold directly through the catalog with your library card and pin. This way you can browse our collection at midnight or even while you’re out of town.