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Library Happenings – Holiday memories stirred by books (Dec. 10, 2014 issue)

December is a month when faith, family and friends are uppermost in our thoughts, and memory is the glue that binds those three together. While you are trimming the tree or baking Christmas cookies, one of your relatives says something that triggers a flood of memories. It may be only a turn of phrase, but that is enough. The laughter and conversation billow from that point. Some books elicit that same kind of response.
A local author recently donated a copy of her new book to the library. “Just Reminiscing,” by Evelyn Davis King with her mother Gaynell Davis, is that kind of book. The subtitle, “Old Sayings, Signs, Superstitions, and Remedies That I Grew Up With Along with Memorable Bible Verses”, gives a pretty good description of the contents. However, it leaves out the stories, which sketch a portrait of life in these mountains during the second half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth.
This was a land where many food sources required only the effort of hunting or gathering, but where poisonous snakes could make that work perilous – or even deadly. Every household was obliged to be self-sufficient … and flexible. The tale that spoke most eloquently to me was about a maple corner cupboard the author’s great grandfather built for his wife and about the cherry corner cupboard that has been passed down in his family. You will just have to read the story for yourself to figure that out. Thank you, Evelyn, for the book and the good memories!
Kids’ Clubs
Our American Girl Club will meet at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 15 ,and our Lego Club will meet at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 22. Preregistration is required for each program so we will have sufficient materials on hand and so we will not exceed our capacity. Please call the library at 743-6533 for more information.
Spotlight Book
The passing of an author does not always mean the death of his characters. Tom Clancy died in October 2013, but the cast of his Jack Ryan novels lives on thanks to Mark Greaney. Greaney was Clancy’s coauthor on three of his Ryan novels, and he is the sole author of Clancy’s “Full Force and Effect”.
In this installment, the nuclear ambitions of a young North Korean dictator become an urgent threat when the discovery of a valuable mineral deposit brings a stream of ready cash into the impoverished country. Now the Supreme Leader faces only one obstacle: American President Jack Ryan. Choi is not inclined to brook opposition, and now he has the wherewithal to eliminate it.