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Library Happenings – Funds provide items wanted from wish list

By Angie Georgeff

The impending release of state funds for library materials has me positively trigger-happy. With help from Kristy and all your wish list requests, I have been working on our book order for about three weeks.  I am just waiting for the “go-ahead” email from the Holston River Regional Library to hit send.

There are so many wonderful books out now or coming out soon. And the same goes for movies, which we also may purchase with this “pot” of money.  Kristy is working on that list for us, so expect new DVDs in a few weeks, and new books sooner!

Spotlight Book

One of the books I am ordering for the library is Dominic Smith’s “The Last Painting of Sara de Vos.”  We have come more than halfway through 2016 and it is hands down the best book I’ve read this year. Smith weaves into a tapestry the stories of three characters, three times and three places that are linked by a single painting, dated 1636.

The haunting masterwork “At the Edge of a Wood” is the only known painting by Sara de Vos, the first female master painter admitted to Amsterdam’s Guild of Saint Luke. Sara’s life unfolds petal by petal alongside those of two modern characters.

In 1957, it is owned by wealthy New Yorker Marty de Groot, a descendant of the original purchaser. The painting is stolen from above his bed during a charity fundraiser and replaced by a masterful copy painted by grad student Ellie Shipley.  Ellie, who is working on her dissertation about female painters of the Dutch Golden Age, was so captivated by the painting that she succumbed to temptation.

She soon regrets it.  When Marty finally discovers the deception, he becomes bent on tracking down the culprit and exacting his pound of flesh.

In 2000, the Sydney Olympics are drawing near when university professor Ellie, who quite literally wrote the book on female painters of the Dutch Golden Age, is curating an exhibition in her native Australia. When she learns both the original and her copy of “At the Edge of a Wood” are en route to the museum, Ellie knows her career is over and her reputation ruined.

Senior Services

Connie Denney, who delivers reading materials to homebound senior citizens for us, is requesting donations of large print magazines, paperbacks and devotional materials that some of her patrons would not have to return to the library.

In particular, some of the ladies she serves like to read romances in large print, either in paperback or hardcover.  If you have some that are gathering dust, we will get them to someone who will very much appreciate them.  Thank you!