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Library Happenings – Focus centers on superheroes (June 24, 2015 issue)

Our Summer Reading Programs are now in their second week. The focus has moved from community heroes to kid heroes, and next week we will turn—as dudes and damsels in distress in movies frequently do–to superheroes.
Children are encouraged to come to the library all next week dressed as their favorite superheroes. We look forward to seeing lots of young heroes attending programs, checking out books and learning with computers.
I polled our staff to see whether we could agree on one superhero as our favorite. Superman, Batman, Iron Man and Wonder Woman were all mentioned but no hero took the prize. Story, of course, chose Catwoman, even after I pointed out that she’s a villain. It seems that Story considers her more of an antiheroine, so I have honored her choice and added Catwoman to our list of favorites.
Holiday Closure
Since the Fourth of July falls on Saturday this year, the library will be closed on Friday and Saturday, July 3 and 4, in observance of the Independence Day holiday. There will not be a Friday Fun Day event next week because of the closure, but I suspect everyone will be having lots of fun anyway with cookouts and fireworks to celebrate the holiday.
If you will be leaving home for an extended vacation this summer and need an extended loan period to match, be sure to ask at the circulation desk when you check out. DVDs and high demand titles with holds do not qualify, but we may be able to extend your due date on many other items. We want you to enjoy your time off with a good book or audiobook and no worries about overdue fines. And there is never any danger of fines when you borrow eBooks through R.E.A.D.S.
Beach Read
This week we set our sails for Nantucket. Residents Madeline King and Grace Pancik appear to be living charmed lives in the renowned enclave of wealth and style. That is, until you listen to the rumors flying around the island. Novelist Madeline, you hear, is trapped between writer’s block and a relentlessly ticking deadline for her next book. What can she do to spark her creativity? Grace’s passion is her gorgeous garden, or could it be her handsome landscape architect?
And what have you heard about their kids? I was told the promising romance between Madeline’s son Brick and Grace’s daughter Allegra has hit a roadblock. If you would like to learn all the juicy details–and perhaps even the truth of the matter—enjoy a seaside sojourn in Nantucket with Elin Hilderbrand and “The Rumor.”