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Library Happenings – Color plays role in lives from mood to appetite (March 30, 2016 issue)

By Angie Georgeff

With trees and flowers in bloom and our clothing trending toward the lighter and brighter tints of spring and summer, our world is suffused with color. I find I want to bring it indoors and trade the rich, cozy shades of autumn and winter for a French Impressionist riot of saturated hues.

Color stimulates our senses and alters our mood. We say that we’re tickled pink, seeing red, feeling blue, or green with envy. And nobody wants to be known for a yellow streak.  Restaurants and manufacturers favor colors – like red, orange, yellow and green – that are known to stimulate the appetite. Dieters, on the other hand, are urged to serve their food on a blue plate to help curb their hunger. It makes me wonder about the old “blue plate specials.”

Color has been shown to affect our perception of temperature, as well. An executive for a paint company grew tired of complaints from employees that their office was too cold. I imagine most of the employees were women, since they were cold, and the executive was a man, since he must have been comfortable wearing a suit coat and did not adjust the thermostat. Instead, he had the room repainted.

The cool blue walls became a nice warm peach and the problem was solved. The setting had remained the same, but the perceived temperature was warmer.  However, I do wonder whether the executive remained satisfied in the long run, since blue rooms have been shown to make people more productive. Perhaps improved morale offset the less productive color.

Coloring Hours

If you would like to play with color, come to the library for Coloring “Therapy” for Adults. Take an hour out of your busy week to relax and give free rein to your artistic side. We’ll supply a variety of coloring sheets and colored pencils. All you need to bring is your imagination. Coloring “Therapy” will be offered from 2 to 3 p.m. every Thursday afternoon in April. This program is for adults only. Coloring Fun for Families, however, is open to all ages. It will be offered from 2 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 9 and Saturday, April 23. Make plans now to bring your entire family!

Spotlight Book

Ron Rash certainly has a way with words. Set in the Southern Appalachians, his novels, such as “Serena,” “The Cove and Above the Waterfall,” are popular with our staff and patrons alike. As if novels were not enough, Rash writes short stories and poetry, too, including “Poems: New and Selected.”  His effortless artistry condenses the beauty and pathos of the Appalachian experience into carefully curated words that prick the memory and flood the soul. What a marvelous gift!