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Library Happenings – Bookmark decorating is activity of week

By Angie Georgeff

Now that we’ve celebrated the glorious Fourth of July, our Summer Reading Programs are entering the home stretch. I hope you have been enjoying the weekly “extra-credit” activities that are a part of our “Exercise Your Mind—Read!” Summer Reading Program for Adults.

The activity for this week is a little different than the others, since it is intended to be completed while you are still at the library. We have a variety of bookmarks that you can color for yourself and make just as individual as you are. A station has been set up in the library lobby where you can choose a bookmark that suits your personality and then color it with pencils to match your mood. The only thing you need to bring to the table is your imagination, but that, of course, is the most important element.

We find a lot of bookmarks that patrons have left in books they return to us. We also have discovered a lot of other things they have used in place of bookmarks. Greeting cards, business cards, old letters, ribbons, feathers and dried four-leaf clovers and roses have all been used to mark pages in our library books.

Just please do not use credit card bills or explanations of benefits from your insurance company to hold your place. You certainly don’t want your personal information to go public! A pretty bookmark is a much better idea. Only remember to take it out before you return the book to the library.

Deadline Approaching

If you have been letting your entry forms pile up at home, please remember to bring them in by Friday, July 15. The program ends on that date and the drawing for the rocking chair and the other prizes will be held after close of business.  Winners will be notified on Monday, July 18, so please remember to include your contact information on each entry form.

Spotlight Book

With the Games of the XXXI Olympiad now less than a month away, James Paterson’s latest “Private” novel is a timely title. The Games finds Jack Morgan in Rio de Janeiro preparing for the opening ceremonies. The world is coming to Rio and Jack knows that the challenges he faces in securing such a large and diverse event are staggering. Some 10,000 athletes representing nearly 200 countries will compete at thirty-seven venues.

What could go wrong? When Jack’s high-profile clients start to disappear and bodies begin littering the streets, he uncovers a threat with the potential to transform the Games from a celebration of goodwill and sportsmanship into an arena of unfathomable death and destruction.