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Library Happenings – Apple Festival options

By Angie Georgeff

It is the end of September, autumn has officially arrived and already the trees on the hills are looking a bit rusty.  In spite of the hot and dry weather we’ve enjoyed this year, I will take that as a promise of the gorgeous fall color to come. The French author and philosopher Albert Camus observed that “autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” The season that inspired such an apt observation is surely a time to treasure and celebrate.

I guess that’s what the Unicoi County Apple Festival is all about, so we’re getting ready for the fun on Oct. 7 and 8. We are thrilled that the Story*Book Fair will be setting their tent up in our parking lot to provide entertainment for kids of all ages during the Apple Festival. There will be storytelling and music, so we hope the entire family will come by the library and take a break from the eating and shopping. You can always go back for round two after you have rested!

If you just need to sit for a few minutes and recuperate in air-conditioned comfort, why not come in and color a bookmark? We’ll have multiple coloring stations set up with colored pencils and four all-new intricate bookmark designs suitable for older kids, teens and adults. One option is perfect for Halloween, with a scowling jack-o’-lantern and other spooky designs. Another featuring a happy – and evidently oblivious – turkey perilously close to a pumpkin pie is just the ticket for Thanksgiving. And the final two are more generically autumnal.

Our customary Apple Festival book sale will be taking place, so don’t forget to browse the books in the basement for a hidden gem. A selection of books chosen by Kristy to tempt you down the stairs will be set up in the lobby.

And while you’re here, check out the apple and autumn-themed crafts that Miss Cindy’s story time kids have been working on. They are being hung in the hall that leads from the lobby to the children’s room, and they are worth a look. I think the apple garland in particular turned out well.  Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of our volunteer shelver Amanda, we also have displays of books suited to the season scattered over the library in case you need some inspiration to get into an autumn mood.

Thank you!

Our gratitude goes out to the Erwin Monday Club for the lovely chrysanthemums filling the planters outside our front door. These gold and bronze flowers are as sure a sign of fall as pumpkins and gourds, and a cheerful symbol of welcome at the library’s entrance. We hope everyone who stops by during the Apple Festival will smile when you see them, just as we do.  Thank you!