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Jar takes clean approach

It seems like everyone today likes to talk about “going green.” The funny thing is, I can remember recycling and ‘repurposing’ as a kid – long before it was the popular thing to do.
I know our grandparents reused and recycled probably better than any of us could imagine to do now – but they did it out of necessity. An old pair of pants may have become a pair of shorts. If they had extra material for a dress or an old dress that was no longer worn, the material was used to make quilt squares.
They were very resourceful in using items and materials that we would probably throw out. So with that in mind, the craft this week finds a new use for a canning jar and a pump from an old bottle of lotion, soap, or shampoo. When finished, this project gives you a soap or lotion dispenser that has fantastic charm!
Supplies needed: clean jar, lid and ring, pump from lotion, soap or shampoo, hot glue and glue gun, hammer, nail, pliers, dish soap, hand soap or lotion to put inside.
Instructions: make a hole in the lid (using the nail, make several holes. Then use pliers to pinch and pull it until the hole is big enough – be careful though, the punctured lid is sharp!) Test the size of the hole by inserting the pump. It should fit snugly and allow the bottom of the pump to be flush with the lid.
Insert the pump through the lid. Apply a generous amount of glue around the pump where it meets the lid on the inside and let it dry. If the tube is too long to fit in the jar, trim the tube at a slight angle until it is short enough to fit the lid on and screw it on tightly. Cutting the tube at a slight angle helps with soap flow. Now you are ready to add soap or lotion and enjoy!
For an added touch to your new dispenser, you can add ribbon or any decoration you like. You can also mix Elmer’s glue and food coloring and, using a paintbrush, coat the jar with the mixture for a seaglass effect.