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I’ve Done It Again!

By Ralph Hood

When I was a child I was befuddled by the sky. Where and when did it start? How far away is the end of it? Is there a wall? If so, what’s on the other side? Will we ever know the facts?

It drove me crazy. Still does.

Now, as the title says, I’ve done it again. New “facts” — right or wrong — have got me mired in a depth alien to my brain.

Harvard professor and top astronomer Avi Loeb has written a book — Extraterrestrial — that addresses our wonderment about all of this. Many people, including other experts, do not agree with all of Loeb’s theories. Whom am I to believe or doubt?

Some believe, among other things, that objects in space — even in our atmosphere — can gain speed to nearly the speed of light and make ninety-degree turns at that speed. Those objects have been reported as diving into our seas and or cruising, underwater, at a speed of 400 miles per hour! Try that in a modern nuclear submarine!

Maybe the objects are drones — void of people or other unknown beings — and perhaps controlled from afar by humanoids from somewhere in the universe.

On the other hand, we can spot many things within our universe, but have certainly not seen drone-like creatures. Do other universes exist? Danged if I know.

Will we wake up tomorrow and get the news that aliens have taken over our world?


Let’s change to another subject; my feeble brain has had enough of this subject.

My current gripe is the fact that so many people refuse to wear a face mask during the reign of COVID-19. Their excuse is weak — they don’t think the masks work.

They are flying in the face of experts. I doubt they will change their minds. Most of us do believe the masks help. Even if you don’t believe they work, wear your masks so the rest of us will feel safer.