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I’ve got a word of advice for me

Earlier this month I celebrated a birthday. It wasn’t a milestone number, although I consider each to be a blessing for another year reached. If you follow me on Facebook, you saw a photo from my childhood that I posted. It was a picture of me taken on my fourth birthday celebration. There before me was my cake adorned with four glowing candles.
Fortunately, as you get older, folks no longer try to designate an age by candles. This is for a wide variety of reasons such as: (a) that many candles would cost more than the cake, (b) the fire department would have to be on standby, (c) lighting them would take an entire box of matches or a blowtorch, (d) and it is impossible to blow that many candles out with one breathe, so making a wish is over.
So, back to the photo on Facebook. I made the comment that if I could go back and talk to that little boy, I would sure have some advice to offer him. It was then that one of my Facebook friends suggested I write a column on that. So, here goes.
Through life we have various ages and stages of listening to others. A toddler soon learns to listen or else a spanking will follow. Maybe now it is just a time out. As teenagers we are sure that adults just don’t understand how it is and they know very little about advising us. At a certain age we realize adults were usually right. In fact, we know better at that point ourselves but often go ahead and do it anyway. Then, we reach an age where we reflect back and wish we could do much of life over, or at least have a second chance at some crucial turning points. Now, I won’t give you my dirty laundry list here, although I feel there weren’t too many stains to my unmentionables.
I would define the childhood Keith as neat and shy. He loved clothes. It was only proper that the upper button of a shirt remain buttoned at all times while wearing it. Present day Keith still loves clothes but, until he sheds a few pounds, buttoning that top button is near impossible. That’s another thing, I used to practically eat around the clock and never put on an extra pound. Life isn’t fair.

For the remainder of this article please see the February 19, 2014 edition of The Erwin Record.