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Hood’s Winks – VBS has come a long way

By Ralph Hood

Vacation Bible School (VBS)—oh, how I hated to hear those dreaded words when I was but a wee lad in elementary school.

VBS came—or so it seemed to me—almost immediately after we got out of school for the summer. We had a few free days of summertime bliss then—ZAP—VBS reared its ugly head.

VBS was one of those things that Mother and God had already worked out between them—I was going to VBS. Neither of them discussed it with me at all. Mother kept telling me that I would enjoy it, but I resisted. No matter, I went.

Mother was right. I did enjoy it, and remember it rather fondly.

It was hotter’n you know what in South Georgia in those pre-air-conditioned ages, and we suffered mightily. We lived for break time when we went downstairs to a big tub of ice full of Nu-Grape and Orange Crush drinks. They were wonderful! The memory makes me want one right now.

One day, after the cold drink session ended, while we sweltered and learned about the “peace that passeth understanding,” I had a wonderful idea. At the end of VBS that day I would go downstairs, crawl into that big tub of ice and get cool.

I could hardly wait. The instant the bell rang I rushed downstairs, crawled into that tub and proceeded to soak.

Oh, it was wonderful—at least it was until Mother came into the room. She chewed me out big time and I was sore afraid! I never did that again.

But one day I did crawl out the window onto the fire escape just to get a cool breeze. Mother found out about that, too. She was a spoil sport of the first order!

That was VBS back in the 1940s. Today, much has changed. But school will soon let out and VBS will follow, foretold by church signs mounted in yards all over town.

Churches are air conditioned now, so no kid will have to crawl into the tub of ice. At my church, Erwin Presbyterian, VBS will start on Sunday, June 12, and end with a great swimming pool party on Thursday, June 16. Come one, come all for a good time and words of faith and wisdom. We even have VBS for adults. For more details, call the church at 423-743-3431.

Take your kids, your neighbor’s kids, your grandkids, and other kids to VBS at our church or yours. It’s good for them. Mother and God already worked it out!

Then you stay for the adult sessions.

Hey, where else can you find good people to take care of the kids while you sit down with other adults for some education mixed in with good fellowship?

Y’all come now, y’heah? You’ll get that warm feeling in the cockles of your heart!