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Hood's Winks – Some fuel given for thought (Jan. 14, 2015 issue)

By Ralph Hood
What the Heck?
I am flat out amazed. Oil prices are down. I’m saving more than $14 on every tank of gas for my little pickup truck. The airlines are making a profit and all’s right with the world.
Or is it?
On TV the talking heads are worrying about the oil companies. How are they going to survive? Woe is us. Hey, don’t they realize that this is what we’ve been dreaming and jabbering about for lo these many years? Haven’t they been preaching about freeing ourselves from fossil fuel for as long as we can remember? Now that it’s working, we should be worried about it?
Wait a minute—oh no—do you think they’re building up the propaganda in favor of a bailout of the oil companies? Hey, we bail out banks and auto companies, why not oil companies? We can’t just let them go broke, can’t we?
Of course we can.
Whatever happened to letting the marketplace decide the—uh, well—the marketplace, dadgummit? The free market means that companies that please the public will make a profit. Companies that don’t, won’t. We can’t let business reap the benefits when the marketplace gives them the edge, and then bail them out when the marketplace shines less brightly on their house. When will we accept that fact?
Businesses should know and understand that when they don’t please the marketplace, they’ve gotta do something, and do it quickly. Maybe they should get into the hybrid-vehicle business, or sell dog food or something. I dunno.
Hey, face it folks, all of us are consumers. All of us are not oil producers. Just think of the millions and millions of our citizens who are—like us—saving a ton on refueling the family car. And they’re trying to tell us to worry about the oil companies?
Hey, I never told them to get into the oil business in the first place. Did you?
We keep reading/seeing/hearing about things like “Will cheap gas eliminate the drive to produce hybrid and electric cars and airplanes?” Heck no!
Besides, fossil fuel is still not cheap. It’s just less expensive than it was. Also, it is getting more expensive to find fossil fuel, get it out of the ground and get it to the consumer. Fossil fuel, like tobacco, is on the way out. Isn’t that what we wanted? On top of all that, we’ve got Rootin’ Putin on the ropes for a change!
Hey—I thought we wanted to get rid of fossil fuels to save the world and protect the ozone layer. Have we forgotten that?
For crying out loud, do I have to explain everything?