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Hood's Winks – Erwin has special secret place (Dec. 9, 2015 issue)

I have a secret to tell you.
There is a secret place—hidden in plain site in downtown Erwin—often frequented by many but evidently unknown to almost 40 percent of our citizens.
It is called the library.
What a great deal is our library! You can borrow an expensive, bestseller book for a couple of weeks at absolutely no charge. If you keep it too long they’ll “fine” you a quarter a day! I wish our police would fine people that lightly!
Our secret library also has computers, and they let you use them free, too. I know a young lady who got herself through a college program using those computers. Some days I’m tempted to trash my computer (with a hatchet) then just use library computers.
Erwin is a small town, and our library is small. But, that isn’t important. What is important is that our library is connected to other libraries. If I hear or read about a book that I want to read, our library will find it, order it from another library, and then call to tell me when it arrives. They don’t even charge for shipping. Such a deal!
I have reached the age at which I prefer (must have, really) books in large print. Our library finds them for me. No problem. What’s even more important is that the library staff does all this in such a friendly way. They act like I just did them a favor, instead of the other way around.
Our library truly is a valuable asset, providing services that are available to all regardless of income or net worth.
The library provides a great place to escape. When—not If, but when—you get tired of interruptions, barking dogs, honking horns and other irritations of life, just head for the library. It’s quiet. It has magazines, newspapers and easy chairs—all free. If you have to do homework, write papers or conduct research you can do it at the library using their computers.
Libraries are good for children, adults and old folks. I have no idea how old I was when I first visited the library, but do know we went regularly and we kids looked forward to it. I met many famous people through the library’s biographies, and it was all fun.
Your child can meet Tom Sawyer at the library, travel the world with Marco Polo, care for the wounded with Florence Nightingale, invent the light bulb with Thomas Edison, work in the lab with Madame Curie, marvel at the Seven Wonders of the World, and travel to the moon with NASA Astronauts. The library is a truly wondrous place.
Perhaps most importantly, the library is the place where children can learn to love reading. It will stick with them the rest of their lives. Mother knew that, and I will forever be grateful. Reading became a treat, not a chore. How did she keep us quiet in the library? If we weren’t quiet she took us out. That worked like a charm.
By the way, our library in Erwin has a special staff member. She is a cat, her name is Story and she is much beloved by most. (I do know one fellow, Robert, who says he doesn’t love Story, but I think he’s fibbing a bit just to make himself sound tough.)
Thank you, kind folk and cat at the library. I appreciate all of you, including head honcho Angie, and staff Kristy, Jill, Katrina, Connie, and a few wonderful volunteers.