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Hood’s Winks – Dog sitting!

By Ralph Hood

Friends B.J. and Ellen Sewell traveled to Italy, leaving their dog Buddy with us for 10 days or so.

Buddy is fascinating and entertaining. He’s 11 years old, but nobody told him that, so he thinks he’s still a puppy. He’s black and white with a bit of tan thrown in just for the fun of it. He’s 70 pounds huge, but wouldn’t hurt a fly.

He is flat out fun to have around.

I’m not saying that B.J. and Ellen have spoiled Buddy, but I will tell you that Ellen feeds him fast-food hamburgers and rotisserie chicken! She brought us—not one, but two—loaves of Buddy’s favorite bread so Gail could prepare his bedtime snack of two pieces of toast with butter—and, yes, I do mean real butter, not the oleo that Gail and I eat!

One night Gail added a small bit of chicken to the toast. Buddy refused to eat that toast until Gail removed the chicken. He has nothing against chicken, mind you, but he knows it should not—repeat, not—be served atop his toast!

Buddy can communicate his exact wants and desires better than any animal we’ve ever known, and better than many people. He’ll bark—not at you, but to you—and let you know precisely what he is saying.

We enjoyed Buddy immensely. Gail took him for walks at Rock Creek Park, where he checked out every detail along the path. He obviously believes he owns—and is responsible for—the entire park.

When Ellen and B.J. returned from Italy, I asked them to come quietly into our living room. They did, and then I let Buddy in the back door. He walked in calmly until he saw them.

Then he went berserk. There’s no other way to describe it. He jumped all over them in full bark mode. He wouldn’t quit. At one point he leaped onto the sofa and even onto the arm of the sofa so he could lick them with more gusto.

Buddy has visited us since then, and acted just as if he had never left.

Frankly, we love that dog, and kinda hope the Sewells take off for China or some other faraway place so we can keep Buddy again.

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