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Hood's Winks – Bad Guy watching our moves (Nov. 11, 2015 issue)

Recently, I and two others left a building way after dark. Two of us got in, cranked our vehicles and moved. The third, a young lady, got into her car, turned on the interior lights and sat, and sat, and sat. I finally drove over to her car, rolled down the window and asked, “Are you okay?” “Oh yes,” she answered, “I’m just getting my music arranged on the player.”
Folks—particularly women—please listen up. We are entering the holiday season. The typical Bad Guy (BG) is making plans for robbery and worse. We should make plans to avoid him.
Years ago, when I traveled a lot, Ray, a good friend, gave me advice on how to stay safe. Ray had led quite a life. He had been an air martial and was, when I met him, a high-level guvmint narc. I listened to him.
BGs haunt the parking lots of stores and malls, at night twixt now and Christmas. As you leave a store loaded down with purchases, BG watches carefully as you walk slowly and directly to your car, open the door from several feet away with your remote, put the packages in the back seat or trunk, open your door, get in and—as my friend said—“set up light housekeeping.” You stash your pocketbook carefully; fasten your seat belt, call on your cell phone—all the while with the door unlocked and the interior lights on.
You just created a target for BG.
You walked directly toward your car as BG watched. You opened the door with the remote and your car—lit up and blinking—has thus announced your precise destination. Do you see where I’m going with this?
What should you do? Ray told me—and other safety programs agree—to begin by knowing exactly where you parked. Carry your keys in your hand. Walk toward a car that is not yours, but is near yours. Pay attention. Is anyone following? At the last minute change direction and go quickly to your car, key in hand. Open the door, get in, lock the door, crank the car, and move! Immediately! You can fasten belts, make phone calls and rearrange packages a bit later at a more brightly-lit area.
Don’t fight over money or packages. On the other hand, never get into the car with BG and leave—even if he has a pistol. Ray said most people with a pistol can’t hit a screaming person running among parked cars. Do scream! Loudly!
Another tactic is to throw your wallet—pocketbook—on the pavement away from the store, scream, “All my money is in there.” Then run and scream. BG is likely to grab the bag and run away from you. After all, he’s in it for the money.
One last bit of Ray’s advice that I follow slavishly: As you drive home at night, watch in your rear-view mirror. If the same car follows you through three turns, don’t go home. Go to the police station! If that car is still behind you, sit there and honk your horn.
Please follow Ray’s advice. You have people who love you!