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Have you seen my missing link?

I’m linked in here and linked in
there and part of this and part of
that. With i-phone, i-pad, i-pod, I
think I must be lost in the i-cloud.
There are so many ways to link
each device I have with the other
and to link with those in my life
and circles of life. One simple
click can alert everyone of my
every move.
Technology is my friend but
not my best friend. I have so
many devices with so many
passwords to every link. Often
I turn to staff members to make
sure I am doing it right.
I keep all appointments from
meetings to haircuts to eating out
on my Google Calendar which
I usually access from my cell
phone. I recently had to ask my
technical savvy employee Damaris
Higgins if I was the only one
seeing the calendar listings or if
I was sharing with the world. If
I am linked with any readers of
this column and you see my calendar,
please remind me of my
haircut so I don’t forget it.

For the remainder of this article please see the August 6, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.