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Has one year passed by already?

From the publisher's desk: Keith Whitson
I am up to 52 and counting. Even though that does happen to be my age, it has also been 52 weeks that I have been writing this column. Yes, it was March 8th of last year that I assumed the position
of publisher. It was March 15th when I wrote my first column for this spot in the newspaper. I questioned at the time whether I wanted to start such a task of writing a weekly column. I already had plenty of new responsibilities to take on without this extra duty. I was told by several that once I started, there was no turning back. If you’ve followed my column, you certainly know more about me at this point. In person I have a quiet nature, but there is a comedy show going on in my brain. Sometimes it just comes out here. Well, I will admit that a few times over the past year I have
questioned what I was going to write about. I hope you have found, and still find, this column interesting. Maybe I should switch it up and get some mystery writers.

I ran into Ray and Ernestine Castle recently at Hawg-n-Dawg. Ernestine is always so pleasant. Her personality never changes and it appears she never ages as well. She told me how much she enjoys these columns. Ray, however, asked me who I get to write them. I asked him if I could get him to do a few and give me a break. I am still waiting on his response. Although I wear many hats
at the newspaper, from graphic design areas to paper delivery to management, I am often only associated with my written words found here. It is usually all that has my name attached to it. At some point, I slow down from the fast pace of the week to reflect and collect some thoughts for this space. At times I have shared emotions from the heart. I have let you in on my embarrassing and sometimes funny experiences. I have written about many of my heroes and remarkable acquaintances met throughout the county. I truly enjoy seeing readers out and about in Unicoi County, from the stores to the restaurants to the civic clubs to church. I enjoy interacting and hearing
what you like in the paper and what you would like to see. This space is our weekly visit. It turns ink and newsprint into a personal relationship between you and me. That relationship and the community aspect of this job are the things I enjoy the most. I have tried to use this space to heal and uplift the community. There are so many wonderful people and wonderful stories to share.

For the remainder of this article please pick up the March 13th edition of The Erwin Record.