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Habitat Happenings – Habitat brings helping hand to families (March 18, 2015 issue)

It is hard to imagine, last year at this time we were planning the dedication on our third home in Unicoi County. We are so appreciative of those who were involved and gave of their time so willingly. Another family has a home that is adequate, safe and secure for their family.
What wonderful memories to look back on; but Habitat is constantly looking ahead for the next piece of land, the next family or the next project for “A Brush With Kindness.”
The Habitat Board of Directors, in a recent meeting, discussed why Habitat is important to our community. Answers around the table included the expected “helping families, helping our community, providing opportunities for family growth;” but overwhelmingly the Board knows the work of Habitat is a Christian Ministry. Our mission is to help those who need a hand up.
Habitat for Humanity of Unicoi County is not a “hand-out” mission. Homeowners must work on their home, pay a mortgage; taxes and insurance just like everyone else. The home mortgage is not through bank; Habitat for Humanity is the lender. We charge no interest and dedicated volunteers assist a qualifying family have a home.
Families who make application for a newly built home may have made financial mistakes in the past; but have worked to establish a stable financial situation. Someone in this situation could potentially be a qualifying family for Habitat. Becoming a Habitat family is not easy, but the rewards are worth it all. We are willing to work with families to assist them to qualify for a potential home through the Family Services Committee.
We need families!
At this time, we are accepting applications for new homes. You can secure an application by calling 330-6357 and if no one is there, please leaving a message and we will return your call.
Habitat also helps in neighborhoods. Two families last year received an exterior project for their home called “A Brush With Kindness.” The projects included painting, minor exterior repairs and a ramp. We are also accepting applications for our upcoming spring and summer projects. Participants need to qualify for the project, by income eligibility and their lack of ability to perform the work. If you know someone who could benefit from outside repairs, have them call 330-6357 for an application.
We need volunteers!
Of course, Habitat for Humanity, during the building days on a new home or “A Brush With Kindness projects, needs many willing workers. We need workers of all skill levels and on the build-site; workers can be from 16 years old-adult. If you have carpentry skills or just like to hammer, paint or be of service, you can secure a volunteer application at 330-6357 and leave your complete name, address and phone number.
We also need non-construction volunteers for several upcoming events and general work to support Habitat for Humanity. If you have two or three hours a week, (or more) that you could volunteer, give us a call at3 30-6357. Training is provided for the responsibilities.
We need land to build on!
If you have or know of a lot or land that is available for purchase or possibly a donated lot, please let us know. Habitat homes are not very large, but they must meet all codes for building. Habitat for Humanity of Unicoi County is a 501-3c non-profit and any gift made can be counted as a contribution.
Habitat Upcoming Events: April 30 and May 1: Annual Habitat Market at Centenary United Methodist Church Parking Lot and Centenary House. We will be taking donated items on April 27-29. We appreciate all the items donated, in the past and we are looking forward to another great sale. Look for additional information in the coming weeks and contact our office at 330-6357 for more information.
Becoming an active volunteer with Habitat has both family and community benefits. Habitat is a very worthwhile project for families. Partner with Habitat every time you can to support efforts and demonstrate your personal mission to help others. With your help we can change lives, one family at a time.