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Getting prepared helps school start smoother

Taking Notes
By: Vicky Livesay

The countdown has begun! The beginning of school is around the corner so it’s time to think about getting ready. We have several new families in our area which means new students who need to register. We also have a lot of current students who have not picked up schedules. Don’t wait until the last minute! Be prepared!
On the mornings of July 24th and 25th, we will be having a Registration Blitz! On these two mornings, we will have several people available to assist with the registration of new students. Families new to the area are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these times.
By registering before the first day, we are able to request transcripts and cut down on the time it can take to actually get a schedule and start class. Remember, we can’t generate a schedule without a transcript showing what classes have already been completed!
Students new to Unicoi County should bring proof of physical residency (electric bill, etc.), social security number, birth certificate, custody papers (if applicable), and immunization form if coming from out of state. It is also helpful to have a withdrawal form from the previous school. At this point, a request for a transcript from the previous school is sent. Please be patient while we wait for this information.
Current students who have not picked up their schedule need to do so right away. When receiving their schedule, students need to take time to look over it to make sure it is correct. If any changes need to be made, ask to see someone before leaving the school. We would love to have as many schedule changes made as possible before day one. There is a limited time for schedule changes once school has started so it is important to take care of this right away.
The first day of school will be Tuesday, August 7th. It is a shortened day with the high school dismissing at 11 a.m.. Wednesday, August 8th, is a full day of school for all students. On Tuesday, high school students will begin the day in the auditorium. We will dismiss to homerooms so students can receive important beginning-of-the-year information.
Incoming freshman will be given special instructions. Freshmen and new students are encouraged to ask questions at any point during the day as needed. Staff members will be available in the hallways to assist.
So even though the days are still hot and the sun goes down late, fall is upon us. Starting a new school year is always exciting for us as well as students. Things will go even smoother for those who start the year prepared. The time has come! Stop by and see us to register, pick up schedules or change schedules. We’ll be glad to see you.