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From the Publisher's Desk – We have much to be thankful for (Nov. 25, 2015 issue)

What’s on your list? I’m not talking about Christmas, but things you are thankful for. We are quick to find fault and look at the negatives in life, but I’m sure if we made a list, the good would far outweigh the bad.
We celebrate Thanksgiving this week, a frame of mind we should have all year long. You don’t have to watch the news for long to realize we are so blessed to live where we do and have what we do.
We didn’t suffer like the folks in Paris. We aren’t refugees trying to find a place that will welcome us. We aren’t living with the fear of ISIS controlling our community. We aren’t suffering wildfires, drought, flooding or other forces of nature.
The biggest percent of our community are Christians or at least respect those who are. Sure, we just had someone stir up controversy over the Christian flag represented in the board of education meeting room. But, thankfully, the majority of our citizens embrace religion.
We have some remarkable veterans living in our county who are due our total respect for the privileges we enjoy day to day. They paid a great sacrifice, along with others, to provide us the freedom we are so thankful for.
I realize this was a tough year for many in our county. My heart goes out to the employees of CSX. It seems that nothing is sure with work nowadays. It could happen to anyone over night.
Still, I hope that you can look at the positive and be thankful for the blessings you still have. If you have your health and your family, be thankful.
We don’t all have great health, but it could always be worse. Most of us have some money in the bank, which makes us far above the majority on Earth.
I am thankful for good friends. If you have ever had a best friend you know just how blessed you are. It is said that good friends will help you move, great friends will help you move the body, but the best friends have their own shovel and don’t ask questions.
I am thankful for family. I grew up feeling loved and supported. I had amazing grandparents and uncles and aunts that were more like brothers and sisters and best friends. I have a mom who is the most amazing person I have ever known.
I am thankful for the position I have and the ability to reach out to readers here every week. Work is important and I feel we carry a huge weight on our shoulders here. It seems that no matter how much we do or how much we cover, there is always something that was left out. That’s the one we usually hear from. But, hey, I’m thankful you care and you notice.
I am thankful for weekends. There is something magical about them. Friday can’t come soon enough and Monday rolls around way too fast.
I am thankful for mistakes in life. They aren’t the end of the world and we learn from them.
I am thankful for the opportunity to get an education and for the wonderful teachers who guided me along the way. If you’re reading this right now, you have a lot to be thankful for.
The senses are such a blessing. The ability to see is tremendous and the availability of glasses after our eyes start to go is astounding. I am grateful for hearing and all of the beautiful sounds of music, nature and people. There is nothing better than the sound of peepers in the spring and the rustling of leaves in the fall.
I am thankful for the seasons we enjoy in our area. I would miss not experiencing them all. I am thankful for sunshine and fresh air, for rain and for snow.
I am thankful for laughter and for tears. Both show signs of being human. Many people in other parts of the country know only sadness.
I am thankful for clean water – iced cold and refreshing or nice hot showers. I am thankful for indoor plumbing, energy efficient windows and a warm home in the winter and cool home in summer.
I am thankful for the mountains we live in, sunrises and sunsets.
I am thankful for wisdom that comes with age. There are many things I would love to do over differently from the past, but I feel that each decision made me the person I am today and made me stronger and wiser for having experienced it.
I am thankful for warm clothing when I need it, a winter coat and more shoes than I could possibly wear out in a lifetime.
I am thankful for my church, the wonderful people who go there and an amazing pastor who is so knowledgable and excited to be there. I am thankful for salvation, the upbringing I had and the strength it has been to get me this far in life.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the delicious meal with all of the special dishes I look forward to. I have been blessed all year by not going hungry once. I have a good appetite and can eat pretty much anything.
I wish all of our readers a wonderful week and ask that you pause for a moment and consider what you are thankful for. We are truly blessed.