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From the Publisher's Desk – Maybe I shouldn't eat that so late (Jan. 21, 2015 issue)

“I have a dream,” was part of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech. His dream was more of a desire for equality with no racism. Monday was a day set aside in his recognition.
I admire people who can have a dream that will benefit many and take such a massive stand to voice that dream. For me, I had a dream but it was sleep induced and I won’t bore you with the details, mostly because I can’t remember them
Now I know sleeping dreams are far different than King was talking about, but we still put so much emphasis on what happened during our absent night hours of rest.
It is amazing how we try and remember the details and recount all of the tiny moments of a dream to someone else. It was either better than real life, worse than real life or we think there must be some hidden meaning we should interpret from the craziness.
If this were reality, you might be interested that I fell into a pool of Jello, as penguins clapped their little wings to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” being sung by Simon and Garfunkel. Oh, the Jello was grape, if that makes a difference on interpretation.
Come on, it’s just a dream. Some people will try and figure them out and remember every detail. I prefer not to recall dreams, otherwise I feel like I stayed up watching TV all night.
The Bible tells us that old men will see visions and young men will dream dreams. I consider myself old enough for a vision at this point. I will have to slow myself down for it to happen.
Last week I had a urinary tract infection come up suddenly. For a couple of days my temperature stayed over 100. One time I think it got up to 103. You see, I really don’t know much of what was reality or imaginary during that time. I had a few visions, none I care to share.
In no way am I making light of Heavenly dreams and visions. I would certainly welcome some direction for life at times.
I’m not a dream interpreter, nor do I have a degree in nutrition to analyze what I should have steered clear off the night before. After all, half of us don’t even remember what we did earlier in the day that was actually real life.
I have heard all of my life that muddy water, snakes and falling were bad things to dream about. None of us like those in reality and certainly not in what is supposed to be our restful part of the day. I must say that I have had dreams with each of those items and I am still around to tell about it.
My worse dream that I can remember was being trapped inside the spinning drum of a cement mixer truck. The barrelled belly was slowly going around and around.
Another bad dream experience has been dreaming of someone who has passed on or no longer in my life. Waking up can be sad all over again. It was as if they were just there and now gone again. Gee, here I go expounding on my dreams as if you needed to hear those imaginary details.
I did find learn approximately 80 percent of all dreams are in color, there are a small percentage of people who claim to only dream in black and white.
I looked to the Internet and Googled to find a listing of words, alphabetized and defined for just about anything you could possibly dream. Yes, somehow there are people out there who claim to know this information and have supplied us with this wealth of information.
I somehow doubt that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream about how his family would be responding after his death. I recently saw in the news where his children have been split for years now over what to do with items from his estate.
The Estate is controlled by Martin Luther King III and his younger brother, Dexter Scott King, who asked a judge a year ago to order their sister, Bernice, to turn over their father’s Nobel medal and traveling Bible. The brothers want to sell them to a private buyer.
The Bible hasn’t gone on regular display since President Barack Obama used it while taking his second oath of office two years ago. The public hasn’t seen the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize medal in recent years, either. Both relics reside in a safe deposit box, the keys held since March by an Atlanta judge presiding over the latest – and in many eyes, the ugliest – fight between King’s heirs.
A hearing recently ended with no decision as to who rightfully owns the civil rights icon’s traveling Bible and Nobel Peace Prize. A judge heard arguments from both King’s estate, consisting of the surviving King children, and daughter Bernice King.
I guess it proves a point. Whether we are asleep or pushing through another day, encounters with family, friends and the world, will either be a sweet dream or a nightmare no matter what we had to eat.