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From the Publisher's Desk – Applicants sought for brain traffic controller (Feb. 17, 2016 issue)

This week’s column is a gallimaufry or a hodgepodge of thoughts. Since my recent birthday, it seems my mind is more cluttered. How much space is left up there? I think I need a few more gigabytes of storage and an air traffic controller to organize the incoming and outgoing thoughts. In fact, sometimes I am just as surprised by what I say as those who hear it.
I wish I could go into my mind’s database, because there are so many things I would like to delete. There are many decisions and choices I have made that I would like to forget.
There are lots of useless information tidbits that haven’t done me any good up to this point. If I could just eliminate those items and clean up my hard drive, I am sure my system would operate better. Not only is my brain system wireless, but most of the time I think it is clueless. I sense sometimes I am not connected at all.
Last week I sat with my “to do” lists in front of me, with half finished scribbles on each. I felt good when I could consolidate the list into one with just the items left undone.
So, now, a few of my hodgepodge thoughts. I attended Unicoi County High School’s Mock Trial Sunday, a fundraiser for the Relay For Life. It was so amazing. I got to wander around from one location to another, making photos and seeing the event from various angles.
I was so captivated by the lifelike representation being presented. The students took on various roles, including the accused, witnesses and the prosecution and defense law teams. Not only were all participants well versed on their roles and their cases, but they had to make arguments going forward, often not knowing what turns the case would take.
The Mock Trial team has represented Unicoi County well, going to the state level in the past. This year looks to be another amazing group to contend with. My hats off to all participants and the wonderful instructors and local attorneys who have worked with them.
Meantime, we need to find “Mr. Wrong Weather Groundhog” and put him on the stand, charged with wrongful doing. I can hear the case now. “I can’t control the weather. They pulled me out of my hibernation hole on a cloudy day,” says Groundhog. “It wasn’t my fault. They should have known the outcome would be wrong.”
The prosecuting attorney will follow up with “Mr. Groundhog, do you have a list of your credentials that make you qualified for this position?” Regardless of how this case turns out, we can all see that Mr. Groundhog is obviously guilty of a wrong prediction and foul play. I am sure he will lose the case and be subjected to hard labor of eating the grass back from roadways this summer.
Regardless of a bad weather outcome, Superintendent of Roads Terry Haynes and the Unicoi County Highway Department and Erwin Street Department have done an amazing job of keeping our roads passable. While most of us are home asleep and warm, the road crews are out all night, making the best of a bad situation to help those of us who have to get out. Thank you.
Did you make it to The Bramble Saturday night? I already had plans, but I hear the Valentine’s Day event was awesome. We are so fortunate to have such a facility in Erwin. It is always great to see a historic building brought back to life. I heard great reviews of the delicious meal, great dessert bar, amazing band and some talented dancers. Look for more to come from this venue in the near future.
Random incoming thought: I promised my body I would limit food and get in shape after the first of the year. It seems I have had multiple celebrations for my birthday and am now getting ready to go through multiple celebrations for my mom’s birthday.
Saturday night I went to a couple’s house for an authentic New Mexico winter meal. It was impressive and delicious. Also, Erwin Presbyterian Church has amazing fellowship. I am in various dining out groups, from lunch to dinner.
So far, March doesn’t have a lot of dining opportunities on my calendar. Maybe I can lose a few pounds before the next round.
If it gets bad enough, I am constantly reminded of diet options on TV. Do I want to follow Marie Osmond or Oprah Winfrey? I don’t think either one. How many “this is it” diets has Oprah been on? I didn’t watch her show regularly but it does seem that she took on some new diet plan every year, lost a few pounds and gained back more.
I remember once she had her own professional chef cooking the proper, healthy things for her to lose weight. If a personal chef and trainer didn’t work, then I don’t think she needs to start yelling “I love bread” and jumping up and down over the arrival of her Weight Watchers’ meal.
Monday as I looked out my office window, I kept wondering where are all the cars. Then it hit me – Presidents’ Day. That “holiday” makes as much sense as Columbus’ Day. I say it’s not an official holiday if Hallmark doesn’t make a card for it and gifts aren’t involved. I guess if I was included in those receiving the holiday off I would welcome it.
Oh well, I am going to try and land this plane of random thoughts if my air traffic controller will talk me in before I crash.