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Films ease desire to travel

Like many of you, I have been watching the Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia. While I normally feel an urge to travel this time of year, seeing flags and athletes from around the world has intensified that longing. After the brutal winter we have endured, warm climates sound especially appealing, but it is really the change of scenery that matters.
I like foreign films. They allow me to experience different cultures without the expense or jetlag of travel. I can watch them any time and as often as I want without having to take even a single day of vacation. And subtitles are great unless you speak a language fluently or have the means to travel with your own interpreter.
We have a dozen or so foreign films in our DVD collection here at the library. These movies are available for checkout. Italy’s “Cinema Paradiso” won the 1990 Academy Award as the best foreign language film. A renowned filmmaker recalls his boyhood, which he spent in the cinema of his Sicilian village. There the projectionist fostered his love and appreciation of movies.
France’s “La Vie en Rose” features an Oscar-winning performance by actress Marion Cotillard as singer Edith Piaf. Born in Paris during the First World War, “The Little Sparrow” earned her living as a street singer until she was discovered by the owner of a nightclub. He taught her how to sing on stage and insisted that she wear black, which became her signature. Her popularity earned her a reputation as France’s national diva.
Hong Kong’s “100 Ways to Murder Your Wife” is a black comedy. Two men who commiserate over drinks discover they have something in common: Each is married to a gorgeous woman who is making his life an agony. Desperate to end their suffering, they make a pact, with each man pledging to kill the wife of the other. What could go wrong?
“Film Festival”
In celebration of what (I hope!) will be a month of much better weather, we are going to hold our own film festival, with foreign language movies being shown at 6 p.m., each Tuesday evening, during March. March 4 will begin the series with a film from India that is not in our DVD collection, so this may be your one chance to see it.
Just bring your favorite soft drink and we will supply the popcorn. You can experience India without paying $1,500 for the round trip ticket and avoid spending more than twenty hours en route. And India is warm, so what could be more enticing? Call the library at 743-6533, if you would like more information.