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But, I pressed ‘One’ for English

“Press ‘One’ if you would like
to continue in English.” We often
hear this on the telephone automated
systems today. Even if we
do press ‘One’ chances are we
will have a communication problem
if the person on the other end
is located out of the country or
far north or south of us.
I, for one, never liked hearing
my voice. I am sure if any of you
are around me on a daily basis,
you have gotten used to it by now.
I never realize what a deep accent
I have until I hear a recording
of myself.
There are more than 125 English
dialects worldwide. Each
dialect uses English in its own
way, from pronunciation to construction.
More than 250 million
Americans speak English,
and it’s the fi rst language for 215
million of us. Dozens of nations
also have English as their offi cial
language, including the U.K., Ireland,
New Zealand, South Africa,
and Australia.

For the remainder of this article please see the July 23, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.