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A welcome surprise for economy

There have been few pleasant surprises when it comes to the economy lately, and that made our story last week that Morgan Crucible would reopen its closed Erwin industry all the more wonderful.
The company closed its Morgan Insulation plant last year and moved production to its Augusta, Ga., company, but an improving national economy has enabled the plant to reopen – and, for some, a return to employment once thought gone for good.
In these precarious times, news of an industry reopening is almost an unheard of story.
David Messina, the operations manager for the soon-to-reopen Thermal Ceramics (the name’s been changed), called the reopening “exciting.”
We agree. It’s a sign that things are getting better not only locally but around the nation, too. Granted, there’s still a lot that must happen for America’s return to economic prosperity, but there’s not a clearer sign that the nation is finally on the right road than the reopening of once proud industrial plant.
Locally, it’s another great sign for the Unicoi County economy. We’ve had a large number of retail shops and restaurants open in recent months, and now we have great news on the industrial front.
We’ve not seen local politicians or economic development personnel doing happy dances just yet, but don’t be surprised if you do. After all, news like this can be a little rhythm in your step.