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‘Journey’ is history for quilt

When Jo Starnes talks about
quilting, she uses the word
“journey.” She remembers quilts
as a source of warmth in years
past. Now, as women gather in
her home on Tuesdays, their
thoughts are more likely to be
tuned in to artistic expression, as
they work on projects and learn
from each other. “Jo’s Girls,” as
they call themselves, go out to eat
so no one cooks.
Jo’s journey includes a connection
to the Civil War (1861-1865)
that has affected her personal
choices in the quilting world and
brought a feeling of closeness to
a grandmother she did not know.
Her mother was a quilter and Jo
loved to watch. Now, her own
experiences have progressed
beyond quilting to teaching others,
showing quilts and judging
at shows.

For the remainder of this column please see the July 2, 2013 edition of The Erwin Record.