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Put a pin in it! Map displays hometowns of customers vaccinated at local pharmacy

Erwin Record Photo by Richard Rourk • Kendra Roller displays a map that shows the home states of visitors to Roller Pharmacy who got vaccinations or boosters at the historic pharmacy on Main Avenue in downtown Erwin.

By Richard Rourk

A map on display in a downtown Erwin pharmacy is a testament to the role the local business has played in combating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Roller Pharmacy has been a community go-to for more than 50 years for everything from prescriptions and immunizations to general foods and gifts. 

Roller Pharmacy was one of the leaders in offering COVID-19 vaccinations in the region. The pharmacy has provided the immunizations not only for locals but hikers that were passing through the region. 

“We were able to reach hikers through an app and they could make reservations even if they were a week out,” explained Roller Pharmacy owner Terry Roller. 

“We are actually able to register them into the TENNIIS registry which is linked up to the state and national database,” he added.

Roller has always been a friend to visitors to the region and this year he wanted to highlight how far some of his clients have come to visit the Erwin landmark. 

“We have had people come here from 40 states to get their COVID vaccination,” Roller said. “That just shows you how many people come through here from all over. We even had someone come through here from Alaska.”

Roller said he is proud to be able to serve his customers with whatever they are in need of. “We do COVID vaccines, flu boosters, TDAP and shingles vaccines,” Roller said. “Whatever’s needed, we do, and we are licensed to do it.”

Roller Pharmacy provides services that are often one- of-a-kind for  customers. “If we have customers that may not be able to come in, we can come out to them depending on what it is,” Roller said. “If you set up an appointment, we can get you in and out of here in a half an hour.”

The pharmacy also offers a variety of unique gifts and general items.

The late Horace Roller opened Roller Pharmacy on July 1, 1964, according to the book “Then and Now: Unicoi County” by Mark A. Stevens.

The pharmacy is now owned and operated by his son, Terry Roller.

For more information or to see everything that Roller Pharmacy has to offer, stop by the store at 109 N. Main during normal business hours or call (423) 743-7105.