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Dimestore Cowboys to kick off Dog Day Riverfest

The Dimestore Cowboys

By Ty Butler

As Dog Days Riverfest gets underway on Friday, Aug. 5, the Dimestore Cowboys will be the first of seven bands to kick things off in Erwin, Tennessee.

“We’re all super excited, the lineup is great, from what we’ve seen,” said bass guitarist Jason Shaffer.

The americana, southern-rock band will play originals from their latest releases, but Shaffer says guests can expect to hear a few covers, reminiscent of Chris Stapleton and the Drive-by Truckers.

Shaffer noted that his interest in music started long before the creation of Dimestore Cowboys.

“I got into music in 2004 while playing in a church band out in Sulphur Springs,” said Shaffer.

“The first guitar player for the Dimestore Cowboys was from that church,” he added.

Originally called the “JB5-n Dime,” Shaffer and current lead vocalist James Brashears began writing their own music and performing songs before adding other members to their fully loaded roster.

Today, the band is equipped with James Brashears at lead vocals, Shaffer playing bass, Lisa Pattinson occupying the fiddle, Justin Louthian on drums, Tyler Petty securing lead guitar and Jason Vapor directing synths.

The Dimestore Cowboys have released three records and performed at numerous venues across the region — their latest album, “Here’s Her Chance,” is currently available on Spotify.

For more information on the band and its upcoming performances, visit The Dimestore Cowboys on Facebook.