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Raiders’ manager hopes to bring flag football league to county

By Curtis Carden
Sports Writer
[email protected]
Family man Andy Slagle has a plan for Unicoi County.
The town of Unicoi resident has been an avid promoter of spring athletics in the county and thinks it’s the right time to get the ball rolling for other sports.
“We’ve got so much wasted space in the area,” he explained. “It’s such a nice area to have nothing really going on. I got together with Travis (Barbee) about getting a flag football league set up in the area last year, but I felt there wasn’t as much publicity put out about it.”
Slagle has been active during the spring and summer months on the baseball diamond as the manager of the Unicoi Raiders baseball squad. The squad is currently a two-time, and possibly a three-time, champion in the Greene County Adult Baseball League. The Raiders are currently playing in the league’s postseason.
One of Slagle’s current ideas which is starting to take form is the creation of a new adult baseball league, open to all counties in northeast Tennessee.
When discussing the plan, Slagle pinpointed areas such as Bluff City, Elizabethton, Stoney Creek and Hampton, which could possibly get together a group of nine or more individuals to form teams within a new league.
The league would give each team the opportunity to have home and away games at local high schools, while attempting to take a similar form as other popular adult baseball leagues located in the middle and western part of Tennessee.
That’s not the only thing on the agenda, according to Slagle.
“I’d like to see us get the flag football idea up and going again,” he said. “Being able to take time out on a Sunday, get some teams together and just have fun, would be great.”
While discussing what drives him to get more sports outlets available to the public, Slagle was quick to point of the support he receives from his wife, Katie. Along with wife Katie, Slagle said he also gets his motivation from his son, Sammy, and his unborn daughter, Rhiannon.
For anyone looking to get together with Slagle on future endeavors for sports in the community, he can be reached at [email protected]