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Off the Field – Keep things rolling (July 29, 2015 issue)

Why do we drive to be the best we can be?
This weekend I had a chance to visit my grandmother after covering a back-to-school carnival hosted at the armory in Erwin on Saturday, July 25. Kudos to those who orchestrated that event, by the way.
My father and grandmother were talking about the weather and some items going on locally. While they were having an engaging conversation, I kept nodding off. The occasional vibrating of my cell phone served as a minor alarm clock. Another kudos needs to go to Apple for having a phone that can do that. Either that or my phone is on its final legs and might vibrate into a million pieces in a few days.
I wasn’t drifting off because the conversation was dull, but because a combined amount of 11 hours of sleep over the past five days was finally taking its toll.
I also saw steam floating around on the drive back home. I jokingly say it was from the brain overheating, but it was the ‘ol 95 Honda telling me she needed some oil.
A steady dosage of Dr. Enuf taken in during that period kept the eyelids open, along with another steady dosage of Def Leppard and other rock music from Spotify, but the wear and tear took some of its toll.
I’m three months away from a five-year anniversary with the paper. Some weeks, these kind of periods aren’t uncommon, but it comes with the territory. It comes with the drive of wanting to better yourself. Or maybe it comes with being crazy, I don’t know. But we’ll go with the first two.
It is the joy that comes with the job. Lack of sleep and researching and having coffee used as an IV to stay awake comes, with the perks of being a journalist.
One of my good friends down in west Tennessee who operates an online site that serves as a news buffer for football across the state, recently told me he was wrapping up a day at the salt mines around 2:30 a.m., after receiving information about a coach leaving a team.
It is madness, but fun madness nonetheless.
To get back on the point of the column. Having a drive to do what you love is necessary. Whether it comes from journalists, or student athletes.
High school, middle school and youth club athletes are staying busy this summer preparing for their respective seasons. They’re working to better themselves to bring success to the program.
That’s the role of journalists. Lurking around at meetings, get-togethers or games, our goal is provide the best and up-to-date coverage for our readers.
The fuel continues to come in. As long as the pen can touch the pad, or rather the fingertips can peck away at the keyboard, there’s no worry about what’s ahead for the upcoming slate of athletics. Providing award-winning sports comes with a price and it is a price we’ll continue to pay at The Erwin Record.
From photos, to articles, to updates with audio and video interviews, the long nights are worth it in the end. The ability to cover individuals, whether its from the gridiron to the gym, is enough fuel to keep things rolling. And it goes the same with any other journalist across the world.
But don’t get me wrong, if I miss out on a Dr. Enuff or 12, there could be a chance of you reading an article with “zzz” thrown in.
• • •
The Unicoi County High School football team will open up the first of four scrimmages leading up to the regular season on Friday, July 31.
Head coach Glenn White and his Blue Devil squad will welcome Sullivan Central at 5:30 p.m. with the exhibition to be played at Bryant Field on the high school’s campus.
• • •
Have a sports story to share? The Erwin Record is always in search of individuals from the community with special athletic moments. Contact the sports department at [email protected] to share your story to be considered for a future edition of The Erwin Record.
• • •
With fall sports around the bend, The Erwin Record sports department will present a special supplement in August to highlight each program from UCHS. Cross country, football, golf, soccer and volleyball will all be featured in a special preview edition presented by the paper.
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For more information through the week on Unicoi County athletics, be sure to visit The Erwin Record Sports Facebook page online and follow us on Twitter: @CurtisCarden_ER.