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Gibson siblings friends, not rivals

Brothers and sisters always fight.
Whoever established that common belief hasn’t met the Gibsons.
During the successful year for the boys of Baxter Field and the ladies from Lady Devil Diamond, Blue Nation was treated to a pair of Gibsons – Scott and Bethany – who each aided their respected teams to a district and regional championship during the 2011 season.
Scott, who recently graduated from Unicoi County High School, explained that his brother first introduced him to the idea of playing sports.
“My older brother (Robert), who is eight years older than I am, got me interested in sports,” Gibson said. “I remember going to watch him play in baseball and football games. Me and him would mess around in the backyard. Whether it was showing me the proper way to a baseball or a good batting stance, he helped tons.”
However, it wasn’t just baseball the oldest brother helped with. In fact, Robert also helped Scott with football.
“We’d be in the backyard and we’d throw the ball around…” Scott said. “We also worked on tackling, it’s where I broke my first bone.”
Scott reminisced that sports were just a part of life, but the tides turned towards baseball at age 11.
“Football was really the game I enjoyed until I started travel baseball,” Scott explained. “Anthony Whitson and Pat Goddard showed me the real game of baseball and I just loved it ever since.”
The opportunities Scott had over the years helped him aid the 2011 Blue Devils baseball squad. Scott left the bullpen and became the Devils’ ace as the season progressed. He also contributed on the mound and with the bat during the post-season run for the Devils, coming one game shy of a state tournament berth.
However, Scott wasn’t the only Gibson on a diamond during the baseball/softball season.
The youngest Gibson, Bethany, was apart of coach Grady Lingerfelt’s 2011 softball squad, which advanced to the state tournament after conference, regional and district championships.
With two older brothers involved in athletics, the sports lifestyle is just a normal way of life for Bethany.
“Growing up as the youngest child with two older brothers who were both involved with sports, (sports) was more like a normal thing to do,” Bethany said. “You wake up, go to school, then go to your practice or game. That’s just the way it was. I am really glad that I was raised around sports. I love it.”
The experience aided Bethany in assisting the Lady Devils’ season by coming up in key situations with clutch base running and a successful stint within the JV ranks of the softball program.
A state tournament trip always helps too.
“Where to start about the state tournament?” Gibson said. “This was the most amazing experience ever. One of the things I got to take out of it was the level of the competition. Another thing was the fact that teams really do come together as a family because I know ours did. Our team was really close, and we had a lot of fun together.”
When siblings play sports, it’s typical to see a sense of a rivalry between the two. But that’s not the case with the two Gibsons.
“Bethany is like my best friend,” Scott stated. “We’re not like most brothers and sisters. We hardly ever bicker and fight. Of course, we have our disagreements, but we are very close with each other.”
The youngest Gibson seconds that statement.
“I really look up to him because of all his achievements,” Bethany said. “He’s like my best friend. We help each other out, and we’re always there for one another.”
In the case of the recent graduate, Scott has no problem with helping Bethany with her play on the diamond.
“I love to help her improve on her game,” Scott said. “I believe she’s actually got to the point of where she won’t listen to hardly anyone besides me and her coaches of course.”
The youngest Gibson agrees with her older brother.
“My brother is a huge help with softball,” Bethany explained, “I really love for him to come watch me play because if I do feel as if something I am doing isn’t right, I know I can ask him about anything. So basically I am the luckiest sister in the world to be given the two greatest brothers ever.”